Time Out Of Mind − The Often Shaky Logic of the 10 Best Time-Travel Movies (Including Looper)

The shaky logic of 'Looper' and 9 other time-travel movies

If time travel is ever to be invented, wouldn’t we already have had evidence of it? The question is enough to give grammarians seizures, let alone filmmakers. As Jeff Daniels’s world-weary time-traveling crime lord says in Rian Johnson's Looper, “this time travel shit fries your brain like an egg.” And the film, out this Friday, is far from the most brain-frying cinematic treatment of time travel.

Looper Time TravelTo help make sense of a genre riddled with paradoxes, I contacted Tim Maudlin, philosophy professor at NYU, who has written extensively on time travel, and quickly rattled off my preconceptions on the matter.* According to Maudlin, there are two types of time-travel narratives in fiction. The most common, which he calls “inconsistent time-travel stories,” are about a traveler who goes back in time and changes the course of events, à la Marty McFly. To Maudlin, movies of this type—Looper included—“literally make no sense.” If the character goes back in time, then there would never have been a past without him.

In “consistent” time-travel stories, however, the time traveler was always a part of the events he affected (e.g. Twelve Monkeys, or Robert Heinlein’s classic mindfuck of a short story, —All You Zombies—, in which the main character is both his own mother and father). These are Moebius strip narratives. There is no first time around or second time around. There is just one past that contains the traveler. Stories of this type, Maudlin says, “are more like clever crossword puzzles, where all the various threads fit together in a satisfactory way. They appeal to the logician rather than the sentimentalist.”

With that distinction in mind, we can determine just how logical Looper and the other nine best time-travel movies are. (Another paradox: the more logical the treatment of time travel, the more it makes your brain hurt.)

Looper (2012)[Spoiler warning!]

Plot: Joe, a young gun-for-hire, must kill his future self or be killed, but Bruce Willis, naturally, has another outcome in mind.

Consistent? No. We see a whole timeline in which Young Joe kills Old Joe, then lives out the rest of his life before coming up with a plan to stop Young Joe from killing the now Old Joe. If he succeeds, he would never have been able to live the life he lived theretofore. And the ending raises an even bigger paradox.

Back to the Future (1985)

Plot: Marty McFly, a kid with a mad-scientist friend and a loser dad, travels from 1985 to 1955 in a souped-up DeLorean, fools around with his hot teenage mom, inspires his dad to grow a pair and knock Biff the bully out, then returns to 1985.

Consistent? No. If Marty goes back in time, then there would never have been a version of the past without him. The other thing is, for Marty to still be born after his disruption of his parents’ courtship, his mom and pop need to time the moment of fertilization to the microsecond. But that’s more a question of probability (and staying power) than logic.

Back to the Future II (1989)

Plot: Marty travels to the future, buys a sports almanac, which falls in the hands of elder Biff, who travels to 1955, and gives it to his younger self, thus helping Biff become a sports-gambling gazillionaire, and transforming Hill Valley into a seedy dystopia. Marty goes back to 1955 to destroy the almanac, without interfering with his previous time-traveling exploits from the first movie.

Consistent? No. In the words of Doc Brown, writers Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale weren’t “thinking fourth dimensionally.” Narratively, it’s fantastic. Logically, it’s all over the place, where multiple timelines coexist and alternate.

Back to the Future III (1990)

Plot: After reading that Doc, who traveled to 1885, died in a duel against Biff’s gunslinging ancestor, Marty finds the DeLorean Doc had hidden away and goes back to save him.

Consistent: Of course not. As with the first two, the multiple timelines are irreconcilable paradoxes. Plus, as several obsessive geek sites have pointed out, when Marty finds the DeLorean and goes back to 1885 with it, there should by all logic be two DeLoreans in 1885.

The Terminator (1984)

Plot: In a last-ditch effort to win the future war against mankind, Skynet’s intelligent machines send the Terminator back to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor and prevent her from giving birth to John Connor, who would grow up to lead the successful human-led Resistance. But the Resistance sends Kyle Reese back to protect Sarah. Overstepping his duties, he impregnates her, and she gives birth to… John Connor!

Consistent? Yes. It’s circular, chicken-or-egg logic, but it holds together.

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  • segmation says:

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  • Kent says:

    I disagree with the logic that there would need to be a 'receiving' time travel device to make time travel possible - after all, the smarties from the future could design something that travels in either direction, right? - but it still is a fascinating topic. And honestly, you left out the very best of all the time travel movies....Austin Powers. Yeah, baby!

    • Julian Sancton says:

      Hey Kent,
      Thanks for reading. Prof. Maudlin didn't say that a "receiving" machine would be necessary for time travel. As you say, future people could well invent a form of time travel that just plops people into
      the past naked as the day they were born. But in that case, unless future people use time responsibly and discreetly—unlikely, considering the fortune and glory at stake—we could reasonably expect to have seen evidence of time travelers throughout human history. Maudlin's pretty elegant supposition is that time travel might require a "receiver" as well as a "transmitter," in which case time can only be traveled starting from the moment the technology is developed
      As for Austin Powers, there's a great bit in "The Spy Who Shagged Me" in which Austin and Basil Exposition urge the audience not to think about the logic of time travel and just enjoy themselves. (It's the equivalent of Jeff Daniels's admonition in Looper.) But, as far as I can tell, the paradox that makes Austin go crosseyed is not all that much of a paradox: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8w95xIdH4o

      • Andy says:

        Actually why would you need a receiver and a transmitter anyway? Couldn't you hypothetically (when thinking about technology in the future, you can be as imaginative as you want) come up with a machine that doesn't just SEND you forward/backwards in time, but TAKES you forward/backward in time, meaning the machine comes WITH you, similar to H.G. Wells "Time Machine" (yes I know its supposed to be italicized, but idk how)

  • SD says:

    The one that demonstrated time travel the best for me is Time Crimes.

    As you have mentioned above, if you go back in time then the first time through the "present" has to reflect all of the subsequent changes made when you travel. This film did it perfectly.

  • Ken says:

    It must be awesome to work in Philosophy. You can just decide what is and isn't possible just based on your own intuition. That sounds way cooler than the real world.

  • Rebecca says:

    Ken, no, the issue here isn't intuition. It is formal logic and reasoning. And the ability to recognize the actual issue and fallacy in an argument is something many more people need.

  • Johnny Phan says:

    How can you make all these conclusions without a single mention of quantum mechanics?

  • Matt says:

    *SPOILER ALERT* I disagree with your thoughts on consistency. Having alternate timelines doesn't make something inconsistent if you think of the multiverse theory. Like in Back to the Future 2, that alternate timeline of Biff ruling will keep happening no matter what, all Marty can do is change his future for the better. Looper made NO sense at all even with the multiverse aspect because they tossed that aside. When that other guy doesn't end his loop the mafia disfigures him but not kill him so the future doesn't have a paradox. By chopping off his limbs and stuff did that though, how could he RUN in the first place if he had no legs? Then there is the suicide at the end, if he killed himself then and there then nothing in the movie would have happened in first place up to a point because the future self would have been dead. Multiverse can't be applied here because by him disappearing that means there is only one timeline so basically all those people were killed by a man that never existed, brilliant. Also let's go back to Terminator, had it succeeded in killing Sarah Conner then it never would have been destroyed in that factory so that hand that was saved would never been found thus Skynet would never be created so basically, Skynet sent back a terminator that would have prevented itself from existed if they succeeded and I would certainly hope that the thing that tries to exterminate all mankind could trace its origins just about 50 years ago!

    • Chris says:

      Terminator 2 is inconsistent. In the original Terminator, it was never revealed how the Terminator was created. Terminator 2 naturally creates a new timeline (one where the Terminator never existed). In doing so, it created a paradox. If the Terminator never existed, Kyle Reese would never be sent back in time, so John Connor would never have lived. There's a whole Cracked article on how the Terminator series doesn't make any sense. The first movie is self-contained, but still...how can John have sent Kyle Reese back in time in the first place if John needed Kyle to exist? Definitely a chicken or egg mind****. After that, they just gave up on consistency. But hey, even the first film is based on the idea that you can change the present by sending someone to the past.

  • Anonymous says:

    The logic in looper is that the person who goes into the past is supposed to be killed on arrival so no changes in the timeline occur. However when a person escapes he creates a blank slate of the present that cause his present to be equal with his historical version meaning any and all actions of the historical version overwrite the original (due to the new infinite possibilities) but without completely erasing the remnants of the past of the original which creates a reflexive action where character x = character x and all bodily damage done accurs to the older version. Now this is sound logic... in an insane asylum because three problems. One (SPOILER) in the end he kills himself which creates a paradox that the organization was trying to stop with the loop closing in the first place so at that moment all logic implodes with the universe. Two This reflexive state isnt possible unless whatever happens to the original happens to the over write because x(1) cannot = x(2) if x(2) does not equal x(1). Three this story is based on loops and loops have to be the same every time because a circle stays the same distance from the center at all times so that means that the stiry cant change unless the center moves. The circle cant move its center because it has to stay away from it so how did the center move and when. Also an added measure as a counter point on how looper can be corect. if his best friend got hacked up that means that he will be sent back in time mangled and probably killed by the overwrite easily cause he cant escape meaning he lives a full life healthy and when he is sent back he sings a little tune and escapes and then it repeats. Maybe the circles are bigger then one trip to the past ... maybe then in some way it may be slightly plausible.

  • brian says:

    One Theory on the terminator Was John Conner didn't necessarily have to be fathered by Kyle Reese originally. Let's say there was time where Sarah was bever visited by a Terminator So she likely would have gotten married and had a son that she named John. But then again it could be be just a chicken or egg thing and really there is no beginning.

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  • Bob says:

    There are two types of time travel, Terminator/DBZ and Back to the Future.

    Terminator is straight forward, and it's what happened in Looper. Terminator turns out differently each time. It's a different timeline each time. As with Looper, when we see him shoot Willis, he becomes Willis. Then, as Willis, he stops the loop, and changes it. Therefore both happened, but Willis can never get back to his timeline.

    BTTF logic allows changes, with their own logic withstanding, ie "Bubble Universes". Marty has to be born, as he is in the past, therefore every possible universe where he isn't born is destroyed, so that throws out your "millisecond" thing. BTTF is a little bit of Terminator logic, as Marty can't go back to wimpy dad future. To an outside observer, there were always 2 Marty's in 1955, but to him, as he never bumped into himself (the door doesn't count), there was one, then two.

    The *only* flaw with BTTF's timetravel is why did Doc Brown say "Who dressed you up like that?" when he first saw Marty in 1885? It was in Doc Brown's past, so he should remember it.

    • Bob says:

      More: (Spoiler for Looper)

      ***********SPOILER BELOW**************
      The ending can't work, as Shooting himself won't change Bruce Willis, as Bruce Willis is from another timeline.

    • Loi says:

      Terminator follows a single timeline theory, NOT a DBZ theory. It's a single and consistent timeline, nothing referred to in the past as according to the limited understanding of people in the future does not occur.

      There are plenty of issues with Looper. My main one is that Joe goes off and lives a life and returns to be shot by himself. The same Joe goes on to live the same life except this time he fights back and goes voluntarily? He should have done that the first time, what intervention happened? It can't be the Rainmaker, as HE caused the Rainmaker. It abuses the two main timeline theories.

      BTTF does the same thing, if he creates a new universe then he should not fade as things happen. There is far more than that one flaw you mention.

      @Julian Sancton - You completely ignore the multiverse theory, and only talk about consistent vs inconsistent single timeline theories. Primer uses the multiverse theory, and is consistent with it. Judging by your standards it is NOT consistent with a single timeline theory.

      • Bob says:

        Terminator can't follow a single time line. Judgement Day in the original movie was August 29, 1997. Then it was July 25, 2004 after Terminator 2. Then it was sometime in 2011 as stated in the TV series. Therefore, different time lines.

        Looper's logic there is following Terminator logic, as in Bruce Willis broke the cycle, and caused an alternate timeline. I've only seen this movie the once, and a while ago, but I think it's said that the Rainmaker's mother was killed, as was going to happen normally. When Young Willis (Gordon-Levitt too lazy to google it now) went there, he basically stopped the mother from getting killed, so "The Rainmaker" happened less angrily.

        BTTF is a little different, as he fades because he brings it back to normal. They just change gradually, as Marty is a non-linear temporal event, it takes him longer to be effected.

        Also, I didn't know I needed to talk about quantum mechanics here, to prove the point. I guess next time I give directions, I should explain the internal combustion engine, and how to turn the wheel to steer.

  • Steve says:

    A couple of things about Looper to me. It was never that the future bad guys couldn't kill. It was that they couldn't dispose of the bodies. Therefore, they would never had to have sent anyone back to be
    murdered. Just kill them "future" and send the body back for disposal. Hmmmm? But then no movie I guess. Also they never had to mutilate the one looper to get his older self to come to them to be murdered. Just kill the younger and the older never existed by their same logic.

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