Christopher Nolan As Metal Gear Solid Director? The Player Responds To Your Comments

'Metal Gear Solid' The Movie

My CODEC has been ringing off the hook since my Metal Gear Solid movie post on Monday. It seems that the Internet agrees with Hideo Kojima: they love huge walking nuclear battle tanks and extended discussions of everything around them. Given that many of those discussions took place in the comments section of my post and because talking about cool things with smart people is more than just a job to me, I've decided to respond to a couple of select points that were made. 

1. Will it be Metal Gear or Metal Gear Solid?

This is an important question for hardcore fans, and there's a definite answer — though not one that they'll like. Metal Gear Solid is technically the third game in the series, but it’s the true start of the franchise. The original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and MSX Metal Gear titles were, um, solid stealth action games, but Metal Gear Solid kicked the entire gaming industry in the ass. In 1998 almost everything was 3D and suddenly looked Stone Age beside

the detailed world and sophisticated story of Solid. It's one of the most important games of all time. It's also where most modern fans got into the series, and when it comes  to movie-making brand recognition beats backstory every time.

This doesn’t mean the original games were wasted. Metal Gear Solid might be the “middle” of the story but it didn’t strand new players. The earlier entries provided a detailed canon for the world and characters that helped give MGS a depth and heft that stunned so many gamers who were used to being told that, “Go there and shoot them!” amounted to an entire story.

Besides, if the movie is popular, prequels are bound to follow.

2. It’s All About Hope

Yarrrrr makes such a good point I made sure to give him the right number of r’s, even though he celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day 24 hours early. He’s right that I didn’t mention any of the staff who’ll actually make the movie. He’s also right that I really hope it will be good. Those facts are related, because nobody knows anything yet. All we know is that Kojima is involved, because duh, and Avi Arad will produce, because in Hollywood you need proof that there’s money before anyone will talk about the importance of creative vision. The article talked about why it was no longer absolutely guaranteed to fail. As soon as we have more information, you can be sure we’ll talk about that too.

3. It's Also All About The Director

A lot of that aforementioned hope will rise or fall on the choice of a director for MGS. He, or she, will define everything else about the movie. The Wachowski siblings might work, because they’ll have Kojima on hand to make sure their awe-inspiring effects actually have a proper ending this time. And say what you like about the plot of Speed Racer, but the sheer scale of that movie's stunning visuals tell me  they'd be a smart choice for helming Metal Gear Solid.

Bryan Singer brings internet credit to the table, because directing X-Men and the House pilot will do that for you.

But there’s one person whose opinion should carry more weight than everyone else's in this debate. At the announcement of the movie, the god of MGS himself, Hideo Kojima said that he likes the idea of Dark Knight franchise maestro Christopher Nolan directing the movie adaptation. Take a moment to imagine that team-up. Take another to compose yourself, or perhaps lie down until your breathing returns to its usual couch-surfing rate.

Nolan would be perfect. Unlike The Dark Knight Rises, in which a technological breakthrough — the fusion power device that comes out of nowhere to explain what Batman was doing for the last several years and is then hijacked by Bane — ends up feeling like a tacked-on cop-out, dangerous new technologies are Metal Gear's entire plot! Like TDKR, MGS also involves an aging hero coming out of retirement. And after Nolan's spectacular turns with the Joker and Bane, letting him have some fun with the game's elite black ops corps known as Foxhound would be the greatest directorial decision in the history of ass-kicking.

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  • YARRRRR says:

    Ironically, it came up recently in an interview:' As for possible filmmakers, Metal Gear voice actress Yumi Kikuchi, who was also appearing on stage, did mention Shinya Tsukamoto as a good director for the project. Tsukamoto is famous for the cult hit Tetsuo: The Iron Man. She joked, "So I guess the title would be Snake Man?"' -

    Who knows. Maybe Kojima is trying to get him a Hollywood deal. Kojima does do commentary on one of Tsukamoto's films and he did appear in the sequel to Azumi (even though Kitamura didn't direct that one).

  • YARRRRR says:

    I think this quote by Charles Mingus that I found on the internet sums up pretty well what will make the difference between a complicated Metal Gear film and a complex one.

    “Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.”

    I really do like the more wierd works out there, but I think a successful film would need to find a way to include its most prominent themes without sacrificing both audiences (casual and fanbase). It really needs to build a fanbase because metal gear isn't batman. it doesn't have the 60+ years of weight something like most American comic books have.

    I'll be curious to see how this is handled.

  • Moxie says:

    God, please don't start with Snake Eater or any of the MSX games. Adapting Metal Gear/Metal Gear 2 would be like any other film: The rookie who overcomes the odds and discovers the bad guy was a relative after all.The events of Zanzibarland can simply be told Watchmen style (Dr.Manhattan's Birth flashbacks with Pruit Igoe). Starting with Metal Gear Solid will also give the audience a chance to be curious and enthusiastic towards Big Boss's character and legend. And when Snake Eater is adapted, they'd say "Oh! So this is the legend. Lets see what he's made of." The flashback sequence will also give us the chance to sympathize or understand Snake's character better.

    Lets start with the classic everyone has played and loved. The charm of Shadow Moses and Rex will definitely have the audience more rowdier than Zanzibar and Metal Gear D. I for one, will definitely be excited to see the Cyborg Ninja, Gray Fox on the big screen.

    As for the directors, Pete Travis or Guillermo del Toro. Guillermo is an odd choice, yes, but if they decide to keep the fantasy/supernatural elements in the film, then he'd be great for the director's chair! He'd definitely love the character Psycho Mantis. Guillermo also captures the grit war themes (see Pan's Labyrinth). He does have Pacific Rim coming up, involving giant Mechas. However his schedule seems to be packed. So it was just a fun suggestion. Pete Travis does not have a lot of motion picture films to his resume, but Vantage Point was a great film. Assassination, conspiracy, and's all in MGS. Cannot wait to see his adaption of Dredd (which I've heard has been getting excellent reviews). Hayter can definitely put his screenplay to use.

    • anon says:

      Dude you're crazy. Outer Haven and Zanzibarland need their own movies, and they need to be released (preferably) before a movie of the first MGS game. This simple MSX game has so many more components to it that would make it a fantastic movie, and it would explain plot points that are absolutely critical to the franchise's foundation. Snake's best friend and mentor who gets captured by the enemy even though he is supposedly the best agent for the job. How Snake just happens to be in the same place as every enemy, trap, and mech the place owns. Finding out not only that the leader of his rebellion is his father but his commanding officer who has been attempting to undermine the US special forces unit from the inside. This game is crucial to understand Big Boss' transformation from hero to villain and the morally ambiguous status of this transformation. Metal Gear 2 would also be the perfect sequel. The bad guy manages to live (which only underlines the unnatural capabilities of the Big Boss from when he was in his youth). The challenging mental philosophical questions Snake must ask now that his greatest friend has become his most powerful enemy. And the testament to Snake that is defeating the greatest soldier of the 20th century with an aerosol can and lighter fluid. These concept can not be skimmed over within a few flashbacks, that doesn't even come close to doing it justice. It is in these games where the back stories of Grey Fox, Big Boss, Master Miller can all be told to make Metal Gear Solid the best movie it can be. Not to mention what it would mean for any and all sequels the movie decides to pursue.

      • Moxie says:

        Yeah, no. Metal Gear Solid did perfectly fine retelling the stories of Zanzibarland and Big Boss, did it not? Gamers, and it was most of them, who never played the MSX games already figured that Big Boss is so legendary, that Snake defeating him is what made Solid Snake “the legend” he is today. Therefore, this captivates the audience and we’re curious to see Big Boss’s character. This creates anticipation for the Snake Eater adaption. We don’t need to see Big Boss’s cliché transformation…but we need to see the true Big Boss. Meaning, all the shit that was talked about him in Metal Gear Solid 1 could totally conflict with his character in Metal Gear Solid 3. So the audience will say, “Oh he wasn’t a bad guy. The U.S just fucked him and The Boss over…he has every right to be mad.” So it’s figured Outer Heaven was created to go against the Patriots (his support team who betrayed him in MGS3). Why the hell must EVERYTHING be shown? Don’t treat the audience like they’re idiots who can’t catch on 😛

        And is it so hard for Snake to simply announce to a character during the film that, “Fox, I first met him on the battlefield. He was being held prisoner in Outer Heaven. But he didn't look like a prisoner to me. He was always so cool and precise. I was still green and he showed me the ropes.” There. We have their relationship. And please, Gray Fox disappeared from FoxH right after Operation N313 (and Snake obviously went his separate way). It’s not like Snake and Fox grew to be BFFs4EVA. Their encounter with Rex still left gamers with an emotional connection. And who the hell cares about Miller’s backstory lol. Taught Snake codec language, got married, and fought Big Boss in the showers naked. Next.

        It’s hilarious that N313/Zanzibarland CAN be “skimmed” over in ONE flashback sequence. Really, watch Dr. Manhattan’s origin flashback in Watchmen. It runs for about 5-6 minutes. Youtube that shit if you can (or maybe watch the film. David Hayter wrote the screenplay anyway). Perhaps you’ll understand better.

        And lastly, this is Hollywood brah. For all we know, N313 and Zanzibarland might be morphed into one scenario. Once the series is popular enough, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake would probably be made into a prequel. Until then, we want to see Otacon. We want to see Revolver Ocelot. We want to see Meryl’s ass. MGS’s “Gene” was one of the series greatest themes. How the inferior overcomes the dominant; refusing to be a tool of the government; and shit…love on the battlefield and choosing to live for someone else. Metal Gear Solid’s philosophical theme is a lot heavier than some “my friend is my enemy now. And apparently he’s the most powerful enemy, angst angst.” So, like I said, adapt the classic that everyone knows, Metal Gear Solid.

        • anon says:

          Gray Fox may have disappeared from Foxhound after N313 but it's not like he has disappeared from the franchise. He was in MG, MG2, MGS, and MPO. That is a pretty heavy character that could make the movie for MG1 or 2. And who cares about Master Miller? Let's set aside the fact that he appeared in MG2 and MPW, but he was Snake's superior in his rookie years and one of his personal friends. No one wants to see Otacon. And I think you're crazy if you think MGS1 did a good job of acknowledging what had happen in the previous games. If you think back, and I mean really think back to the very first time you played MGS1 you would probably say something very different. As for me, during my first experience playing MGS1, I had no idea what zanzibarland was,and they kept mentioning it. And as far as creating the legend of solid snake, all they did was have Meryl go on and on about how cool he was. And you didn't even know Big Boss was his father until his codec scene with Naomi in the cell. That seems like a major plot device a viewer should have to witness in order to appreciate the grandness of it. I'm not disagreeing that a MGS1 movie wouldn't kick ass, and it's 'gene' motif isn't a quality plot for a movie. I'm just saying is that with the intricacy of Metal Gear Solid's (the franchise) plot. A linear chronology needs to be implemented in order to 'wow' newcomers to the series. Sure MGS fans will have no problem with it because they'll understand it fine, but for the common rabble it'll be like playing the game for the very first time without any knowledge of the prequels. They only have a vague sense of who Big Boss is, they don't understand that he was his father until 30 minutes into the movie, and for all they know Snake could be a rookie as it is the first mission they see him in, without understanding that he is a twice retired veteran who has brought down giant military complexes by himself. And I do not want all that reiterated in a silly cutscene or through measly quotes. Metal Gear 1 and 2 are motion picture material, and there is a reason why they were released as the first games. The same reason why they should be released as the first movies.

          • Moxie says:

            Guess you were one of the few then 😛 All that needed to be grasped was that Big Boss was fulfilling his Outer Heaven dream in Zanzibar, and Snake foiled his plans. We know Snake blew Fox into pieces and destroyed a Metal Gear. That’s it. That’s all that’s necessary of knowing. I guess you had to actually go play the MSX games to fully comprehend what was going on. Cool and dandy. But MGS1 gave us the information we needed. Perhaps you wanted actual codec quotes implanted into the game, I don’t know, oh well. Yeah, people want to see Otacon :-/ Don’t you want to see the transformation of Snake and Otacon’s handshake? Surely it must be shown so people could understand the importance of the handshake in future sequels 😀

            With the exception of Meryl’s fanboyness, Snake responding that he did kill Big Boss already reminds the gamers that he’s obviously the shit. Otacon is wetting his pants over Snake’s skills, Mei Ling giddy over codec, yadda yadda. When did I say Gray Fox disappeared from the franchise? What I was trying to say, was that you’re being overdramatic with the “best friend to most powerful enemy thing.” Snake merely states that they were friends on opposite sides who never shared anything from their personal life. All that shit can be summed up in one scene man. Doesn’t need two damn films. You’re simply trying to put depth into 8bit games that was inspired by cheesy 80s action movies.

            Gargh, you’re ignoring everything I said. Now we have to go in circles :-/ Stop treating the audiences like dumbasses. They have no problem putting two and two together. And if they can’t on the first try? They watch it again. The films being in chronological order won’t ‘wow’ anyone. With that logic, Snake Eater might as well be the first film. You’re desperate for the audience to look at Big Boss’s transformation instead of keeping him as the mysterious legendary solider that we don’t get to understand until Snake Eater.

            Wow, who the fuck cares if we find out Big Boss was Snake’s daddy in 30 mins. You want it in the beginning? Thus eliminating any shocking revelations the movie could offer? You want everything handed to you like a baby, with the need of simplifying everything. How the hell did you handle these games? And I’m pretty sure the audience won’t think Snake’s a rookie with everyone obviously aware of who he is! *insert derp face*

            They’re not motion picture material. Flashback sequences at best...for now. And please keep in mind, that it is inevitable that these films won’t be adapted faithful to the story. It’s bound to be changed in Hollywood. Don’t pout so much.

            And go watch Watchmen.

            And I’m done with this. I don’t want to overflow this article with a frustrating debate. Wanna continue, then click my name and click the “ask” button on the right. Ciao Anony 😉

      • Dav. says:

        Metal Gear being the cinematic, plot driven, franchise that it is cannot be developed through flash backs. For MG to work as a film it would need to be done game by game. The audience would not be treated as unknowledgable, the movie should not care for the audiences prior knowledge. What the movie should do is develop the plot as it sees fit to better portray the story itself. Your a big fan of MG? Thanks for coming to see a film based on it. You want it a specific way because you prefer Solid titles, to bad. Its a film not a montage of badly repetitive, miss placed quotes or flash back roadkill. Watch the road warrior, then thunder dome. Max is a badass, we saw the first one. Second one mentions nothing of the first, but we know hes freakin badass. both films are great btw. we didnt need a montage of flash backs explaining "oh he drives a car, chick died, dodged that bullet, killed muscles guy.. etc" who gives a shh. The movie should not serve our needs, but its own. by doing so, it does justice upon the fans and the common audience. everbody wins.

  • YARRRRR says:

    u kno i never really thought of this but in a way the principle characters are out to take on the system itself.

    this probably shouldn't be out and out stated but maybe hinted at throughout as a viable undercurrent might be kinda neat.

    there are these characters and they have their motivations some human others ridiculous, then you have this underlying scheme of sorts that seeks to undermine the balance of power.

    the concept of world without borders has been played out to death so i'd hope to never see it really be portrayed but if it could be approached from a clever angle it would probably be really fun to see.

    the series has always benefitted from that certain sexiness when u dont really know what's going on. i'd say stick to that somehow and we'll probably be addicted forever.

  • Dumsi86 says:

    Im a big MGS fan and if you ask me you should do the first game Metal Gear( so you can do a sequel). There are a lot of MGS fans that have not played METAL GEAR and METAL GEAR 2 SOLID SNAKE so everybody want to see that kind a movie. A l have a scene suggestion 🙂 How Big Boss is training and teaching young Snake CQC and gives Snake his BANDANA that would be cool to see. I mean Big Boss got the BANDANA from The BOSS his mentor and I think he should give the BANDANA to SNAKE the new generation. Thank you and good luck

  • silent fox says:

    Plenty of valid arguments about which game the movie should use as source material. The problem here is there's too many. But since Solid Snake will be in it, then it would have to start with the MSX games or MGS2. Peace Walker and MGS 3 starred Naked Snake a.k.a Big Boss and Solid Snake hasn't existed yet. So no biggie about that yet.

    I'm actually toying more with the idea that this movie might be a new story actually. Although it's a one off chance but we do know Kojima like to have crazy ideas. Well, he did mentioned Solid Snake will be in it but at what age? Is it the young Solid Snake or Old Snake? He didn't really mention explicitly. Now, if it was a new story, it could perhaps be a continuation from MGS 4. After all, MGS 4 has finally closed the chapter on plenty of characters like Big Boss, Liquid Ocelot etc. As far fetched as it seems, it could be this direction that Kojima intends to go. Make a new character, perhaps an understudy to Old Snake and with the Patriot system gone, the world economy that depended on war collapses. There'll be plenty of civil wars and unrest in many regions. It's a good starting point for a new story as there are countless all over. Kojima can easily use this character in some remote area and Old Snake could very well replace Roy Campbell instead. Kojima mentioned that Old Snake will definitely feature in future iterations. In a way, it actually makes perfect sense. Kojima could very well use this movie to launchpad a new character and use this character in the games. It's similar to how Marvel does it with their Avengers movie and their recent reboot of their comics. Although, I do hope Kojima makes it canonical. Please correct me if I'm wrong on that as I haven't seen any news regarding that.

    Again, I'm just wildly speculating and I decided to go left-field. Of course, in my heart I prefer MGS as that's the game that made me spent countless of hours being frustrated but satisfied when I completed it. I also like if they start with Metal Gear from the MSX series. It's a good starting point and that's where the legend of Solid Snake actually begins. No matter what Kojima decides, I'll still watch it as he's involved. It makes sense that the creator of the game should be involved with the movie to maintain some consistency.

  • Felica says:

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  • Ian says:

    They could mesh MG and MG2 together in one movie, focusing primarily on MG2. Make like the first 45 minutes or hour or so about the events that led to MG2, and then the rest of the movie portraying MG2. Then they can release the film adaptation of Metal gear Solid as being the second in the movie franchise. Fan boys and newcomers alike shit their lives either way. However, any game in the Solid series is far too in depth to combine together in any way. If they plan on making a saga out of this, each Solid film with have to be done with it's own movie. Hell, Snake eater and MGS4 might even take multiple Films to convey each one. But that's just my two cents I suppose. It's not like anything we say will matter. Kojima will do as he pleases. and since we all basically worship the ground he walks on, every single one of us will see the movie(s) regardless.

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