Innocence of Muslims Filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Unmasked By New York Tabloids

Innocence of Muslims Director

As protesters in Pakistan, Indonesia and Afghanistan raged against the anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims over the weekend,  the media was also awash with photos and video of the Egyptian immigrant first tied to the crude inflammatory video, Nakoula Basseley, as he was escorted from his Southern California home looking like the Elephant Man so that he could be questioned by police. (See the video after the jump.) Basseley, who was first identified as Sam Bacile — a pseudonym that calls to mind the word "imbecile," — covered his face with a white scarf and wore a newsboy's cap on his head to protect his identity. His appearance didn't remain hidden for long, however.

Innocence of Muslims DirectorBoth the New York Daily News and the New York Post have run a picture of Basseley, sans disguise, sitting with one of the actors in Innocence of Muslims, Anna Gurji, who has been talking to a number of media outlets, and wrote a letter to the horror/fantasy writer Neil Gaiman about how she and her fellow cast members were duped by Basseley.  (Gurji also notes in her letter to Gaiman, which he posted on his website, that The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood helmsman Alan Roberts (a.k.a. Robert Brownell) was the director of Innocence of Muslims.)

Basseley, who's reportedly a 55-year-old Coptic Christian who immigrated from Egypt, does not have the face of a man who sparked a wave of violence that led to the deaths of U.S. Ambassador to Libya  J. Christopher Stevens and three other American diplomatic staffers.  What's that they say about the banality of evil?

'Innocence of Muslims' Filmmaker Jailed -- Basseley Gets 1 Year in Prison, But Not For Movie


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  • Muhammad Khan Kamrani says:

    Eveybody should respect the religion of others whether he likes it or not.Nobody has the right to interfere into an other religion and this is the right way to live in the present global society.

  • Roland Siang Nawl says:

    As the Sabbath is for man, religion is for man; man is not for religion. As long as man is for religion, there will always be conflict inn stead of peace in this multi-faith society.
    Piety in a religion does not require to disrespect another religion. True religion respects religion because religion begets religion.

  • max says:

    Jesus Christ, man. Just take a chill pill and calm down. Seriously, are those guys just looking for a reason to get angry and start killing people. Because I am sick of it. We are a speck in the universe and you are getting worked up over one person's stupid movie?

  • janganlah anda menjadikan film sebagai tameng untuk menghina agama lain,bayangkan itu agama anda sendiri yang di perlakukan seperti itu,apa anda akan menerimanya,,,,,,,,,?

  • ah says:

    Eveybody should respect the religion of others

  • aurtho says:

    don't comment if you don't know about it . whatever you are Muslim, christian or a Jew. The man Nakoula Basseley has made a film with his imagination in absence of reality.

  • Abboo Jee says:

    Sub Gashti k Bachay Hain....Except Muslims

  • musa says:

    Qur'an says Al Kafirun
    Say: “O unbelievers!” I do not worship those that you worship neither do you worship Him Whom I worship nor will I worship those whom you have worshipped To you is your religion, and to me my religion. It is clear there is no way to interfere other religion.

    • Basir ahmed says:

      All americans i hate. muslim ko chor kar.sab amercn tho suwar se bhi bar kar kuch ho to uske bacche hay.are use kiya pata k insaniyat kiya hota hay.inko to koi v riligion dakhla nahi deta.unpar ALLAH ki gajab ho sab muslim boliye "AAMIN"

  • saria mir says:

    i hate all the americans. kaash ALLAH PAK muje itni tofeeq dein k mai in kuty k bachon ko kaat k phaik dun in k jism k itny tukry karun k count karna mushkil ho jae. kutaa america .haraam zaady kamine kajr jin ko sari zindgi ye tk nai pta hota k un k baap ktne hae.haraama wo kia jaane k ISLAM kia hy.

  • Al Ali says:

    Just goes to show who the actual terrorists are!!! One way the same people say, dont believe the TV, and than they say believe their news! One things for sure, one who kills is not Human... Second thing getting worked over, because Prophet Muhammed SAWW is dear to the Muslim Society and is the only correct target for the Terrorists! one who makes unrest is surely a Terrorists... 9/11 Al Qaeda Taliban and this is Created... Who is Usama? What is 9/11? why is everything Blamed on Muslims, without the certainty of giving evidence. The answer is BELIEVE THE TV... I think people are'nt thinking anymore with their heads...

  • Lucky says:

    I am starting to write with god permissions.
    What is happening in the world?
    Where is the peace?
    Where is the Low?
    Where is the true?
    We can ask many quotations about fact all are under money.
    World started to hit Innocent Muslims, Then Prefect of the God.
    What the Islam saying about Prefects?
    Israel Peoples fallowing Prefect Musa.
    Christians are Fallowing Prefect Isa.
    Muslims are Fallowing Prefect Mohamed.
    All of those prefects say to alive in the world peace fully. Because you have to die and you will ask for this life. What is showing in this movie it’s not true. Prefect fallowing god superior then peoples.
    What is the life of this prefect Mohamed? Peoples try and search and study. I am wasting time for others also enter to Paradise at last. I can say little about this person before get prefect that means his 40 years before. That Makkah Peoples use to call Al-Amin (Meaning True Person). After he declare about I am prefect they did not say liar they told he is ok but he get mental.
    Now I will come about his last life that mean before left from the world, many thinks in the Stoke from Zakath how he live? Some days did not eat anything very poor life he lives. Any single think did not get from Zakath and last declare All Zakath not allowed to take my family until world end. Which leader is doing like this in the world accept collecting for them and upcoming children’s. He chooses very poor life in the world because he knows this life not actual life and paradise life is thru so live poorly.
    What the People thinking about Islam truly?
    It party, Group, Calling to enlarge there are people, also we can ask many question regarding Islam?
    We have to fallow, what the Muslims saying? Fallow true from Prefect. Also who is this prefect? What he told to the peoples? How is life? Every think we have to search and study.
    At last I have to say to the world Brothers and Sisters Elders and Youngers just stay for five minute think about past life can you say when you was in mothers stomach life? We forget. Before that where was your life? Can you say when you are going to die? Can you say about next life? We don’t know, everybody can say this answer. Some body fallowing scientist they are saying we don’t know. So take care about yourself At last everybody should stay in front of god so don’t forget just try about Al-Quran study then you will come to the point. Because we passed our life some years we don’t know when we are going to die so please study about god words because we can’t escape on Gagmen day then everybody has to think about own life. The day Scientist can’t help anybody will not be going to help us this is true so think about your life.
    Above mentions prefects say also to fallow the god words.
    At last Muslims follower of Prefect Mohamed peoples they don’t want to miss used Prefect Musa, Isa because they also sent from god.

  • Raj says:

    I want to kill every person of America. Bloody America go to hell.

  • Ch. Sohail says:

    Bloody americans. How they could make fun of our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). May Allah Destroy America. Ameen. America thinks that he is the super power. The only power is Allah subhan Tallah and inshallah soon very soon, bloody americans will be punished by Allah Subhan Tallah for their evil doings. I would have choppped the director of this movie, if he was in Pakistan.

    • Helmethair says:

      "Chopped the director?" See this is why you are considered a stone age savage. And this is why terrible directors make terrible films about the terrible trash values you seem to put forward. Nobody in the world but Muslims pride themselves on their murderous intent. You really belong in prison, but in your primitive, unenlightened land you would be considered a hero. In the enlightened west, we take the good along with the bad, we allow cultural experimentation. In the end we make technological and social advances that lead to longer life, higher standards and social stability. You on the other hand are left wallowing in the smoldering, filthy wreckage of you own backwards morals.

  • Tonio says:

    Pls.note d comparison of H.Bible & H.Qur'an,if we died-1Cor.15:50-54Flesh & blood cannot inherit d Kingdom of God,we shall be changed into immortality(no need 2 eat&drink).& in Luke20:35,36-when we resurrected from d dead,we can no longer marry nor b given in marriage nor die again 4 they r equal to angel & r d God's children of resurrection(no female angels in H.Scriptures).While in H.Qur'an-Surah 56:18-24 Muslim can still eat fruit&meat,drink wine & can have Houris(very beautiful wives w/ big black eyes)as reward according 2 Mohammad(PBUH).In writing a book u can analyze the writer's character & his encouragement toward his pre conceive ideas.right?

    • prantick says:

      does GOD have children ???? .........lloooolllll i know he is only one n unique.......nobody before or after him..he is almighty

  • Fred says:

    Every one should respect other peoples religion it is holy to them, as Jesus is to me.

    What ever we do wrong we will pay for in some way, this is Gods law..

    God Bless the USA for keeping our freedom..

  • Milan says:


    There are probably 1000 movies similar to this one..Why the outrage...Who is manipulating people of Afganistan, Lybia, Egypt , Syria etc.. etc..

    Why is there such a violent response to it?

    I belive that Muslims put to much attention to this movie..It is merely a stupid movie...

    Why is there such outburst of violance...and rage...There are probably 1000 movies similar to this one..

    Who is manipulating Muslims all over the world?

    Christians, Jews, Muslims worship the same God...Why is there such haterate among you.. God-Alah-Jehova does not want you to kill each other...

    • azadeh says:

      I wish I had mastered at least the Christianity so that their Each character’s head and feet to the comfort we do not accept.We’re a Christian or Jewish So You Need to Know Jew or Christian Muhammad gave the good news to the people of his time.Prophet of kindness and compassion and honor and courage were good . Completing God’s prophet on earth & Islam is the best religion.How to film someone who burns the book of God We accept? "Terry Jones" the enemy of God .I beg you to read the book that Terry Jones fire & Then the Prophet judge.All the perverted God save.Muslims, Christians and Jews, we are your friends .Death to America Government.Death to Israel.Death to the enemies of God.

  • emil says:

    Here's the answer to Muslim film "Innocence of Muslims" who insulted the Prophet & the attack to support American laknatullah!!!
    I am a Muslim, I'm proud to be a Muslim, since history proves ...
    we all know in the fact that happen in this world (not in movie) that actually
    Not a Muslim who started the first world war.
    Not a Muslim who started the second world war.
    Non-Muslims that devastated hiroshima and nagasaki with the use of the atomic bomb.
    Not a Muslim who killed 200 million Indians of North America.
    Non-Muslims who kill 80 million Indians in South America.
    Not a Muslim who kills 90 million Australian Aboriginal.
    Not a Muslim who took 180 million Africans as slaves & throw away 70 percent of those who died to the Atlantic Ocean.
    Non-Muslims who invaded Indonesia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Ethopia, Checnya, Syria ...(Many more)
    Not a Muslim who started the case of ambon, maluku, poso, papua.
    Not slander Muslims of Iraq with weapons of mass destruction.
    Not the Muslims who are greedy to seize the oil fields of the Middle East.
    Not a Muslim who likes to insult the Prophet & other religions.
    And I'm proud to ...
    Islam never cried peace, Muslim religion but never attacked unbelievers siapa2 potatoes.
    Islam never cried HAM & tolerance, but most Muslim tolerance than "FOLLOWS a HAM" that America is racist to blacks, compared to France forbidding headscarves, compared to Sweden which prohibits Athan, compared to Switzerland which prohibits the establishment of Mosques.
    The majority of Muslims that a Muslim minority that INTREPID tolerance.
    But there is no tolerance for breaking the commandments of God ALMIGHTY.
    Muslim is not a greedy dog with appetite to invade.
    Muslim is not a greedy lust grounded pork charred.
    Muslim is not a cunning monkey which always spread libel.
    Muslims never sought the enemy & Muslim MOSQUE run from the enemy.

    • ramesh kumar verma says:




  • Naushad Khan says:

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