The American Face Of The Anti-Islam Innocence Of Muslims Speaks Out − And He's Not Sorry

Steve Klein says there's no blood on his hands.

In the aftermath of violence in Libya over the virulently anti-Islam video Innocence of Muslims  initial media reports pointed to a Coptic Christian filmmaker named Sam Bacile, the pseudonym for Egyptian immigrant Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. But according to an A.P. report, Klein, a California insurance agent and Vietnam War veteran, has become the unrepentant public face of the crude video that has resulted in the deaths of four American diplomats, including America's Ambassador to Libya,  J. Christopher Stevens.

Nakoula contacted Klein several months ago asking for his input and advice before creating the video. He also asked the 61 year-old if he would act as a spokesperson if the project somehow succeeded. Now, as rage over the video — and anti-American violence — spreads through the Arab world, Nakoula has gone into hiding, leaving Klein to perform his duties as the brazen American face of the controversy.

According to the A.P. investigation, is an outspoken critic of radical Islam and he's piqued the attention of civil liberties groups including the Southern Poverty Law Center. Klein said he has pursued radical Muslims living in the U.S. since the 9/11 attacks eleven years ago. His son suffered an attack by a suicide bomber in 2007 while serving in Iraq, which encouraged his activities.

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While sipping a beer on the front porch of his Hemet, CA home, told the A.P. that he has visited "every mosque in California" and  found "500 to 750 of these people who are future suicide bombers and murderers.

"What do I get out of this? I get to die one of these days hoping my granddaughters and my grandsons will be safe from these monsters," Klein also told the A.P. "Those are the guys I'm looking for. I'm not interested in mom and pop running a pizza store or running a smoky shop, a hookah shop."

Klein, who works as an insurance agent on the second floor of a downtown business complex in Hemet about 90 miles southwest of L.A. founded Courageous Christians United, which holds protests outside abortion clinics, Mormon temples and mosques. He also started Concerned Citizens for the First Amendment, which proselytizes against Muslims and produces anti-Muslim propaganda that Klein distributes. His activities led him to his contact with Nakoula about making Innocence of Muslims.

Apparently, the title was meant as a trick to lure Muslim radicals to view the pic with the intention that after seeing it, they would convert.

"I'm kind of an unsophisticated James Bond operative. I want to piss this guy off, I want to find out why does he want to kill me?" Klein explained to the A.P. "Why does he want to capture my daughter and granddaughter and rape them? Why does this guy want to act this way?"

The YouTube video is blamed for inciting riots in Egypt and Libya where the U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed along with three other American embassy personnel. Angry demonstrations have spread throughout the Muslim world Friday.

"Do I have blood on my hands? No. Did I kill this guy? No," said Klein. "Do I feel guilty that these people were incited? Guess what? I didn't incite them. They're pre-incited, they're pre-programmed to do this."

[Source: A.P.]


  • Guest says:

    I don't think he should be sorry, maybe sympathetic towards the families of the innocents that got killed like the rest of us feel, but if he had not made the movie those ignorant, stupid fanatics would've found any other reason to strike. I'm almost certain most of those animals don't even know why or what they are fighting for, if someone would ask to take a moment, take a deep breath and think exactly what makes them so angry they would only say "huh?".

  • Mark Hull says:

    Mr. Klein, You sir are whats wrong with our great country. Your hatred and religious intolerance are an embarrassment to the community of Hemet. Please leave quickly on the first bus heading over the cliff.

  • Albacore says:

    CNN reported, in an interview Sam Bacile (aka Nakoula Basseley Nakoula) claimed to be a Jew but it turns out he is a Coptic Christian and an immigrant from Egypt. So it turns out he is a product of a same middle-eaten culture and upbringing gets radicalized. And sure he is a radical, an extremist and adherent of a corrupt theology. The motivation of this individual appears to be his hatred towards all non-Christian faith not just Islam.

  • ahmed says:

    Will die one day and you will know who is the messenger of God and what is Islam

    • BUSY says:


  • American Patriot says:

    That video was a joke and an excuse for Obama's American hating bretheren to repay us for the billionsin financial support. Isn't ironic they planned it for Sept. 11, while Obama was campaining and partying in Vegas, all the while 4 Americans were being slautered in an unprotected embassy in an terroist muslim country! Where are the air strikes you wimp vervsion of Jimmy Carter 2.0? As Donald Trump would say "Your Fired"

    • Mark Hull says:

      Mr. American Patriot...........Your uneducated hatred is just as bad as Mr. Klein. Get on the same bus I told him to get on. And quickly. You are NOT a true American. You narrow minded twit.

      • American Patriot says:

        The diseased minded liberals, the lame stream media and other obama supporters, defending and apologizing to muslim terrorists is what is rotting this country from within. A real American President would have ordered air strikes on Libya, Egypt and any other place those despicable pieces of human excrement kill, or injure Americans or Embassy property. The faux kenyan muslim interloper in the While House is the biggest joke and dissapointment of any President in American history. He has weaken America and made us a laughing stock to the world. Thank God in 52 days the torment will be over!!!

        • Mark Hull says:

          @AP....You sir Are whats wrong with our fine Nation. Your thoughts and views are sadly archaic. You must lead a truly miserable life hating so many things. I feel sorry for you and your kind.

  • Alex Penas says:

    Quick question,'' Why do many scientists, famous artist, top officials around the world enter ISLAM ..?, With the underlying after understanding the real ISLAM''

  • Hilda says:

    Thanhks for finally writing about >?Innocence of Muslims?
    - American spokesman Steve Klein speaks out - Movieline <Loved it!