[LISTEN] Resident Evil Beauty Milla Jovovich Doesn't Just Kick Zombie Ass − She Rocks The Mic, Too

Milla Jovovich raps - 'Resident Evil'

If  late NWA member Eazy-E doesn't already have his angel wings — you know, the ones that have remote-controlled Uzis grafted onto the feathers — he earned them on Friday. That's when Resident Evil franchise star Milla Jovovich appeared on Los Angeles public radio station KCRW's Guest DJ Project and rapped some of lyrics to the hip-hop artist's "Nobody Move" by way of explaining how the track helped her break free of her strict upbringing and, as we all know, become the badass beauty she is today. Check out her performance after the jump.

Jovovich included "Nobody Move" on her Guest DJ Project set list, explaining that the song "definitely changed my world. In a great way, actually, because I had been raised by a very strict Eastern European family and this was sort of my call for freedom."  Jovovich explained that at 9 years old, she was already working "and my mom always had so much control, and pretty much through Eazy-E, and that kind of like freedom, that I found to wear baggy jeans and big t-shirts and baseball caps and just act like ‘yeah, whatever.'”

Here's a recording of her rap performance:

Jovovich turns out to have excellent taste in music too:  She included Orchestra Baobab's "Dee Moo Woor" and the Cocteau Twins "Blue Bell Knoll" among on her set list as well. You can download her full set here.

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