Innocence Of Muslims: Anti-Muslim Film Sparks Outrage, Fatal Attack In Libya

Innocence of Muslims Libya

A trailer for a little-known anti-Muslim film that went viral on YouTube sparked outrage and violent attacks overnight at the U.S. Embassy in Libya that left over a dozen wounded and four Americans dead, including U.S. ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens. In a press conference today President Obama condemned the acts and promised justice to those responsible, said to be Muslim protesters angry over insults against the Prophet Muhammad made in a film called Innocence of Muslims.

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Innocence of Muslims, purportedly made for $5 million in California by an Israeli-American real estate developer named Sam Bacile, satirizes the life of Muhammad, according to Reuters, "as a fool, a philanderer and a religious fake." The film, which features amateurish performances and cheap-looking sets, depicts the Prophet as a fraud and also includes scenes in which he engages in sexual acts.

A 14-minute trailer for the (fairly terrible-looking) film, filled with green-screen CG and painfully wooden performances, hit YouTube in July and was subsequently picked up by news media in Egypt and the Arabic-speaking world. Associations with Koran-burning Florida pastor Terry Jones didn't help; he endorses the film and screened the trailer Tuesday.

Following the attacks in Libya and at the U.S. Consulate in Cairo, Egypt, Bacile went into hiding. Speaking by phone with the Associated Press, he was remorseful about the fatal attacks but stood behind his film as a political statement, saying "Islam is a cancer, period."

In a bizarre twist, The Atlantic spoke with a "militant Christian activist" who consulted on the film who claims that "Sam Bacile" is a pseudonym, calling into question Bacile's actual identity and background.

Meanwhile, President Obama is increasing diplomatic security details at U.S. embassies around the world.

Read more via NYT's The Lede.

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  • adam malaysia says:

    Kalau nak buat shooting pun buat la elok yang berfaedah.ini tidak menghina umat islam.kami umat islam di malaysia amat sedih sekali dengan video tu.allah will punishment anyone if condem Islam.just wait!!!

  • Lisa says:

    Non Muslims are accepted and if what u are saying is true that they don't accept non Muslims how was I a white British woman who follows no religion was able to marry my Pakistani husband in mosque why are my 7 nephews and nieces who are half cast accepted you are discriminating Muslims against a small minority of ones who do wrong I am not a Muslim but I do feel the pain of my Muslim husband by this film I av been fully accepted by the Muslim community as the wife of a Muslim man even though I do not follow any religion so your narrow mind by putting all Muslim in the same category as a small majority is wrong and I will keep saying the same.
    thing you are doing to muslim what hitler did to the Jews what apartheid did to the colored people I hope you are all proud of your self coz what goes around comes a round and you need to read the bible aswell as there are certain men in there that went out to find a young virgin just as the man with maid did so read both books on that account as the bile clearly states one 74 year old man went and got a young virgin so open your eyes and religions don't kill people do

    • Kop'ep says:

      Lisa, that is the safest thing for others who are not Muslims to do... Islam is irreconcilable with other ways of life in the world... Maybe your husband is not a real "practising" Muslim... Maybe he is one of such self-styled Muslims that call themselves "Liberal"...

  • Lisa says:

    The guy here who calls himself reverend Richard de Meath are you an actual reverend

    • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

      Here in England we use the term 'gentleman', and the answer is in the affirmative.

    • Gareth says:

      Reverend??? My arse.

    • rolan butter says:

      Richard De Meath is not a 'Reverend', although he has often claimed to be in the past.
      He has also called himself 'Doctor', a title which he has absolutely no right to use.
      He claims to have a degree from the University of Buffalo but I've checked and there is no record of his ever having passed through that, or any other, university.
      He has claimed to have foretold the death of the late Princess of Wales, whom he claimed to have met twice. I've checked that, too, via a reliable contact who says De Meath never so much as saw the Princess in ther flesh, let alone spoke with her.
      He claimed to have been 'a dear friend' of the late Elizabeth Taylor; but her agent said that neither she, nor the actress, had ever heard of De Meath.
      In his website (which he took down some months ago after embarrassing revelations such as the ones I make here) he claimed also to have been a 'star' of the West End (if one non-speaking, walk-on part forty years ago makes you a star, well...), and to have had a 'glittering career as a catwalk model', and to have been the subject of a multi-page spread in Vogue Hommes. Unfortunately, the year in which he said this happened was actually several years before Vogue even launched its men's edition.
      His claim to have been a film star is based on an almost invisible, non-speaking, background extra in a Carry On film forty years ago,
      In short, he is a bullsh---ing conman who scrapes a living telling fortunes to the gullible in and around Bournemouth.
      He's actually not very good at foretelling the future. In fact he's rubbish. In 2010 he predicted the British National Party would gain more than 50 seats at the General Election of that year.
      He still supports the BNP - quite vocally. It lost him his only named job in showbusiness - on a local radio station in Dorset, which booted him out after a week or so when his racist drivelling proved too much.
      His life's work is now trawling blogsites to which he can add racist claptrap.
      If you want a laugh, google his name and watch him on You Tube.
      It is truly amazing that he allowed it to be put there in the first place - he comes ascross as a mincing, camp, fat, balding old no-hoper, spouting psychobabble in the hope of coaxing a fiver out of some bemused housewife in her dingy kitchen.

      • Fola says:

        Now that's a priceless piece of commentary by Rolan. Thank you for been precise and straight to the point. Folks, no prejudice in this man's tone at all.

        • roland says:

          Fola: there is, indeed, no prejudice in what I wrote.
          It is, quite simply, the truth about this absurd poser De Meath, uncovered over a period of timne during which he has desperately tried to cover his tracks by taking down his websites and removing a newspaper interview in which gullible journalist fell for his (utterly ficitious) life story and published it as true.
          If you want to see what sort of con artist the man is, google him and look at him in action on You Tube. Then read what he has to say about himself.

      • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

        Ah, Jock Ferguson, aka, Jim Appleby and now going by a different name, Roland Butter, my online stalker! Nice to see you are still alive, as last I heard you had fallen foul of another person you stalked and he sought out out!

        • rolan butter says:

          De Meath: I don't know where you 'heard' that - from those odd voices in your head, perhaps?
          Completely untrue, of course, as is practically everything you say. Noboy had 'sought me out', even though I gave one of them (the egregious jason web) two chances to carry out his trteats of violence against me, both of which he bottled, twice using particularly pathetic excuses.
          Isn't it time you carried out your own often-repeated, impotent threat to sue me for libel?
          You know the offer - you simply give me the name and address of your lawyers and I will send them hard copies of everthing I have ever said about you - that you are a fraud, a liar and a conman - and then you can take a civil action against me.
          Believe me - there are few things I would relish more than seeing you across a courtroom, wriggling and squirming as you try to answer my questions.
          **By the way - I'm not "Jock" and never have been. Your 'second sight' is clearly as useless as ever.
          I note that (as always) you make no effort to refute anything I have said about you.
          That's because you can't refute it. Every word I have written on here is the plain, unvarnished truth, isn't it?

          • roland says:

            Faced with the shameful truth, "The Reverend" "Doctor" de Meath once again does a vanishing act. He's been doing it repeatedly for three years now...

  • Lisa says:

    I am English and the term gentlemen is said to gentlemen is it not true then that certain people in the bible looked for young virgins as you keep saying Aisha was only a child which by fact and by the tym the quran was written by the tym she married she would have been at least 17 I find it hard as you are a religious man that you seem to have hatred for another religion does it not say all religions are to be respected in the old testament does it not say men may have as many women as they desire while I do respect your opinion I find it hard to understand does it not say love thy neighbour there is war in every part of the world over religion including Ireland since you seem to be such an expert isnt religion suppose to be peaceful no matter what you follow or what you believe

    • Gareth says:

      You are a very confused person. You need to discuss your orientation with a professional.
      I am a qualified CBT REBT counseller. If I can help please reply to RECOGT (

    • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

      I respect all religions that respect the sanctity of life above personal belief.

      • Khars says:

        If you respect other religions why you are generalizing an act of few Muslim to Islam. A single Christian who made an act of something heinous are not generalized as Christian but called by his/her name. Are you proud of your biases? Is this what your religion is preaching? Condemning other religion, fooling yourself that you are above the rest? Even if you are no believer, you do not have the right to condemn other religions. Look at your self first, have your serious reflection if how good you are as a person who knows maybe you are one of those psychotic in your community with high ego of perfectionism or just merely self-believer. Nobody knows.

    • White Dove says:

      Yes,religion is suppose to be peacefull, that's why the moslem killing and rioting every where

  • Edward Roberts of Indiana says:

    And this is what all the fuss is about? You Muslims either have thin skins, no sense of humor or are ignorant savages. Pick one or all three.

  • KD says:

    All the killing over that??! Looks like the Muslims are using this hack movie(pretty accurate and funny) to start killing! Had this movie not been made, they would found some other reason to do what they did. Get a life, find a friend, hell, go fishing! Anything beats sitting around all day plotting how to kill somebody! Step away from the Quran and stop listening to the voices on your head, it speaks to no one!

  • Annonymous says:

    Am sorry for the muslims,they should address this problem,can u remember the da vinci code on christianity,gays translating the bible in agay verson??

  • jazmine says:

    What is wrong with the Zionists who made this crap??? do you ever see a Muslim making films or jokes about Jesus or Moses or any prophet for that matter? or of the bible..........No because the Koran talked about all the prophets and we have to respect all of them regardless what religion they are! you ever even see or hear of a Muslim who makes movies about paedophile priests, who are all over the newspapers every day? no because Muslims are more knowledgeable than than those ignorant zionsits!

    • Gareth says:

      Did you ever see a comparison between between Mohamed and Joseph Smith? They were both fooled by their own psychological issues. Smith was an outright liea and knew it. Mohamed was a fraud but with with a delusionary problem.
      The fact is that there is no God, no angels, no afterlife nothing. So both of these clowns were dancing in the wrong circus.
      Today the medication would have helped.

      • Fola says:

        Gareth u might have been right in all your other statements but your statement in the penultimate paragraph says much about your own mental state. Your conclusion in that paragraph shows your prejudiced yourself. How can u say There's no God yet more than 80% of the people on this earth worship one or another. Tolerance is the key and its not an option. Anywhere Religion is practiced with violence should be simply discouraged.

      • Aladdin says:

        You nailed the hammer on the head my friend! Death to the Infadels........ Ia Ya IA Ya Ia YA!

    • kampong lad says:

      agreed. if muslims were to retaliate (tit-for-tat), the wrongdoings of the prophets of jews (not zionist) and christians may be re-enacted in films. they (the mistakes or wrongdoings) are told in the torah & injil. however, the killing of the ambassador & the rest is also wrong & sinful. go after the wrongdoers & not the innocents.

      • Aladdin says:

        You obviously don't know anything about Americans do you? Americans will take this opportunity to start a war at some future point! You Muslims just fucked yourselves! Just wait and see what happens! Death to the Infadels! Ia ya IY YA IY YA or whatever Zena the warrior princess yells before she goes into the battle!

        • kampong lad says:

          are you speaking on behalf of all americans? do you represent american people? your statement shows that you are in the same category with those who killed the innocent people and claimed that they represented the muslim community. you better go masturbate & fantasize your warrior princess.... Ia ya IY YA IY YA!!!

    • White Dove says:

      Because the Muslim didn't bother to make film or anything peacefull, they don't have brain, they just kill,,,,, easy...if they don't like it just kill it

  • jazmine says:

    The guy who made this crap is a filthy convicted fraudster! Trying to make money other filthy money in way he can! no morals or ethics! what would anyone expects from a fraudster???

  • steven912 says:

    constitutional variations excludes the preservance of life to allow freedom of speech and protest. so it is safe to say that while the global hardship of the war concludes. these countries will not conceed to reform of democracy. what is the fear behind it? why do they desire miscalculation of the global economy virtue of progress evolutionary instead of revolutionary. the producer made a statement taking full responsibility. it is difficult to comprehend that the decision of evolution on these embassies could not have been adjourned for the sake of discovery and apology with the a form service of process. these turn of events has sadden the world. we must understand that fear is no longer an option. prosperity is the true belief in the kuran. one does not need millions of dollars to be rich in life. may god be with us all except the manslaughters who with purpose meet due process. your friend and patriot: little blu envelope aka munchee

  • ilham says:

    this make film story shuold punish

  • amna says:

    i Strongly n furiously condemn the resent defamatory & anti-muslim movie named as "Innocence of Muslim" on our beloved prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) made by an israeli american producer & director "Sam bacile". and i protest harshly over this blasphemy & against this movie in which ISLAM our beloved prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.W) and QURAN have been insulted & degraded Badly. these american isreali jews & christians are the real EXTREMISTS & BARBARIANS who made this movie. please join with me in this protest & at least forward this to all. hey israel & america : STOP THIS!

    • Aladdin says:

      Go fuck yourself. You Muslims have got be the dummiest people on earth. Look what happened to Saddam and Osama. What do you think is going to happen in these countries where the protests happened? Their going to get the shit kicked out of them in the next 20 years by some fake war the Americans will start! Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

  • msr737 says:

    Add i stupid movie and blind fanaticism together and what do we get?!? Dont we ever learn? Why cant we leave other peoples religion alone and concentrate on what we beiieve in instead?

  • deddy says:

    blasted America,, you may dilaknak god damned

    • White Dove says:

      Even God didn't punish people who didn't believe in Him, why should He punish people who mock muhammad? is muhammad bigger than God?

  • Rakai Adi Pikatan says:

    gae film ki mb0k sing bermutu ngono t0w ra nggenah !!!!!

  • Betty says:

    What next are all the Germans going to march get violent and kill because for years the film industry has made films about the violence shown to Jews I think not , most people of all religions are a bit smarter than that

  • Lisa says:

    If you all read the comments we have made on here the people who wanted a reaction have got one the film was made to insult and hurt and it comes across that alot of people on here seem to think it's ok to catogorise all Muslims as the same and that is wrong not all Muslims are bad people I was always taught as a young girl give respect when respect is given and i can honestly say hand on heart that I have been respected and accepted by plenty of Muslims and Muslims do accept non Muslims
    I am a white british woman who has no religion I was able to marry my Pakistani husband in mosque and have
    been fully accepted by his family and the community
    even though I have no religion I just think that there is alot of hate and it comes across people are trying to persecute all Muslims because of a minority of extremist I do not think it was acceptable what they have done in retaliation to this movie but people need to start asking why this movie was made and I do believe it was made to offend and create hatred and to get this reaction even the actors and actresses in this movie didn't no exactly what it was about and that in filming they didn't say what is now being shown they the film was dubbed and to be honest if you take religions out of the world we are all the same so people should just let Muslims Christians chatholics etc live the way they choose without ridicule or hatred they don't tell us how to live or what to believe let them be and live there lives

    • Aladdin says:

      What about all the Sikhs killed 300 years ago and all their children butchered and their wives raped. What about all the heads cutoff and put on stakes to show the Muslim Power? Was Mohammad ok with that? Learn your facts before you start worshipping people who only care about their religion and nobody elses! I can tell you for a fact Christians Jews Sikhs and even Germans have become friends easily. But a Muslim? Good Luck! If he is an American or Canadian Muslim born in those countries then Ok. 90% of Those Muslims are good people. But the uneducated Muslims in the far east. Forgeddabout it! If the USA and other countries didn't have strong Armies the Muslims would have kept on chopping heads and taken over the world and all women would have to wear black burkas in 50 degree weather! I'm sorry but no way in hell would I wanna live in a world like that!

  • parakank says:

    we love and we respect with our prophet,,, just not like you are, yuo made you prophet as joke,,,,

  • Bruce says:

    Can some muslim tell me why? They killed people in the US embassy? If one american, make an anti-muslim video... Why in hell are they blaming it on a whole country?

  • rob says:

    This movie was made by the Jews who live in America, they want islam cornered again by the world. because Muslims are angry at the Americans. and the Jews fim maker wants to make a dispute between Muslims and Americans. so do not be easily persuaded, hopefully the filmmakers were damned by god

  • MOHAMMED says:


    • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

      What rubbish! As if God would favour such a man, a murderer, sex maniac and child molester. Every other prophet preached love, faith and charity, only islam preaches murder and hatred.

  • asif mahmood says:

    ap se appeal hai k HBL k saving account nember 01147900571701 me dil khol kar atiyat dain

  • WildTom says:

    I am weary of the false conscious politically correct morons that fill the U.S. media, academia, social movement groups, political class, and citizenry. Why not make fun of Muhammad? The Koran is an insipid and insidious book, a work of fiction that deserves to be satirized. I hope all of those emotionally unstable people in the middle eastern countries have protracted hypertension and die of a heart attack, a death too good for the hypocritical bastards. They provide empirical evidence of their theological beliefs.

    • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

      In the mind of the average muslim, there is a virtual godlike attribution given to their so-called prophet, a man of many serious flaws. How otherwise sensible and apparently intelligent folk can use this creature as a 'man of God' is beyond all comprehension.
      I have been attacked in this forum by a person who was involved in several death threats against me, and I have been advised is deeply involved in the Muslim Brotherhood. The use of this tactic is to intimidate me against speaking out against the evil forces of islam.

  • Lisa says:

    You are all as bad as hitler and to be honest the majority of you are coming across as racists and bullies my husband is a Pakistani I am a white British woman with no religion iam nt saying that they are all perfect so please read what I put properly before comments made all everyone on here is saying is about America what about the british troops they are just as important and are dying due to this movie so no i am not going to say they are all perfect my brother is there fighting this stupid war the makers of this movie have made it worse and more dangerous for him so no I don't agree with the movie and it's all good people on here saying they do your clearly not bothered about the lives of the people who have died and are dying and if your so could at saying this and that should happen then sign up and protect your countries or do something to help the soldiers everytym I see my brother he is never the same and is never going to be the same again so dont insult by saying the movie was right who made you all judge jury and executioners every religion has floors and is not perfect but some people on here have watched a 13 minute clip and think they no all about islam. Think about the danger the soldiers are in because of this movie dont you all think they have it hard enough as it is this movies has just made things worse for the men who are protecting our country against muslim extremists the men who have and are going die is because of this movie not all Muslims are bad so don't say they are when you don't no am sick of people saying this movie that and this movie this what about the soldiers this movie has done damage you should think about these men courageous men when saying thees nothing wrong with this movie

    • ibrahimmathar says:

      sistet visit

    • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

      I doubt that anybody would claim this 'movie' is anything but a tawdry bit of rubbish, badly acted, unprofessionally produced and would have disappeared without trace if the troublemakers within the muslim community had not chosen to give it the oxygen of publicity.
      However, with mullahs calling for death of 'unbelievers', echoed in this forum by many of their followers, curiously waiting until the anniversary week of 911 to vent their outrage, inciting the insulting murder of the American Ambassador and subsequently dragging his body through the streets, insulting the memories of those innocent Americans who lost their lives in the Twin Towers outrage, calling for the deaths of Christians in Pakistan over imagined insults over the koran, insulting Christians by demanding they honour the koran while at the same time killing Christians at prayer in their churches in Nigeria, conveniently forgetting it was a muslim who was responsible for the shooting of Pope John Paul II, the insulting beheading of 3 Christian schoolgirls, - just because they were Christian - the list of muslim insults against non-muslims is endless.
      It is little wonder that to the non-muslim mind it appears that the religion of islam is one that feeds on anger, insult, victimhood, population control, war, country-stealing, poverty, beheading, stoning, fatwa and an endless list of life's ills.

  • Lisa says:

    And reverend Richard de Meath you said in your comment a sex maniac did it not say in the old testament men can have as many women as they desire so your religion ain't so perfect either and that's even if you are a reverend which I doubt greatly

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