Innocence Of Muslims: Anti-Muslim Film Sparks Outrage, Fatal Attack In Libya

Innocence of Muslims Libya

A trailer for a little-known anti-Muslim film that went viral on YouTube sparked outrage and violent attacks overnight at the U.S. Embassy in Libya that left over a dozen wounded and four Americans dead, including U.S. ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens. In a press conference today President Obama condemned the acts and promised justice to those responsible, said to be Muslim protesters angry over insults against the Prophet Muhammad made in a film called Innocence of Muslims.

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Innocence of Muslims, purportedly made for $5 million in California by an Israeli-American real estate developer named Sam Bacile, satirizes the life of Muhammad, according to Reuters, "as a fool, a philanderer and a religious fake." The film, which features amateurish performances and cheap-looking sets, depicts the Prophet as a fraud and also includes scenes in which he engages in sexual acts.

A 14-minute trailer for the (fairly terrible-looking) film, filled with green-screen CG and painfully wooden performances, hit YouTube in July and was subsequently picked up by news media in Egypt and the Arabic-speaking world. Associations with Koran-burning Florida pastor Terry Jones didn't help; he endorses the film and screened the trailer Tuesday.

Following the attacks in Libya and at the U.S. Consulate in Cairo, Egypt, Bacile went into hiding. Speaking by phone with the Associated Press, he was remorseful about the fatal attacks but stood behind his film as a political statement, saying "Islam is a cancer, period."

In a bizarre twist, The Atlantic spoke with a "militant Christian activist" who consulted on the film who claims that "Sam Bacile" is a pseudonym, calling into question Bacile's actual identity and background.

Meanwhile, President Obama is increasing diplomatic security details at U.S. embassies around the world.

Read more via NYT's The Lede.

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    kami dari orang muslim indonesia,,,,,,
    mengutuk keras film yang menghina umat islam terutama nabi besar kita nabi MUHAMMAD SAW
    SEMOGA yang membuat film tersebut akan menerima balasan yang setimpal seperti apa yang dilakukan mereka...............
    ALLAHU AKBAR........
    ALLAHU AKBAR..............
    ALLAHU AKBAR......................

    • gena slowen says:

      i think the video is accurate. muslims are a hate group no different from hitler. screw politically correctness

      • Rasel Mahmud says:

        gena slowen now i want's to be a terrorist for you because if someone tells bad about islam, we will have no problem to be a terrorist.And we will kill them without thinking that he is man or women............. we don't care our country law we just follow our prophet (s) law OK .................. on day you will kill you think that you are not a muslim and you don't know any think about our religion ok.

        • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

          We know all we need to know about your barbaric religion, a workbook for terrorism.

          • daisy says:

            As for a minority of Muslim extremists who take life in the name of god they do not follow the Quran properly if you had any muslim associates or friends you would no this you are a racist man with no knowledge of the Quran you say you have read it but yet you still fail to understand it you were not born when Jesus was here or Muhammed or any of the other messengers so you cannot say what is real and what is not. I am beautiful woman and I love good man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so I joined —blackwhitePlanet.С0M—–it's where to- connect with beautiful and excellent people!

        • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

          And what does the 'Religion of Peace' have to say about your threats to commit murder?

        • liee says:

          See and this is why i hate mus-slime people...everyday more and more people hate you..and that would mean you would have to kill us all! You are following satan..and you will never know god! Jesus was a saint compared to your devil mohammed..he was a monster and a killer and a rapist! what kind of religion is that! Do you ur D!cks get that hard you have to have your women cover up with niqabs, hijabs etc..?

          • Zahra Alli AND I AM PROUD TO BE A MUSLIM! says:

            How can u pick on a religon u barely know. Islam is a religon that in my opinion is flawless. There is a reason 4 everything the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) taught us. The reason why Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the last Prophet to be sent down is that he completed his mission so well that there was no need 4 another Prophet to be sent down. Another thing my muslim brothers and sisters, these hurtful and evil acts aimed at us should be taken as a test of our imaan (faith) in Islam, we should should not retaliate violently and act in the same way of the disbelievers, we should portray one of the many amazing characteristics of our beloved Prophet (SAW), WE SHOULD FORGIVE!

          • Muslim says:

            Shaddap u fag, ur religion is a religion uck u for disturbing our religion, ur god is fake, those statue werent real, did u know ur prophet? Jesus Christ Alaihi Salam? How about Nabi Isa Alaihi Salam? Isnt that almost the same?

          • sakeenah says:

            u hav d guts to say such about a religion u barely know...u can hate us for all we care...we dnt need love from ppl lyk u...infact, u do not hate us. u r only AFRAID of us...islamaphobia...dtz wat its cald.
            ve'got beta tinz to do!

    • muhammad yunus pane says:

      Ass Wr Wb ....
      Pak ada file file innocence of muslimnya,,atau sdh kita douwload,,, bisa dicopy pak,,, terimakasih

  • Lisa says:

    I am not a muslim my husband is and he does not preach hatred or violence he doesn't preach his religion at all just like all the other Muslims I no they dont preach it they are happy with who they are and as a non muslim who has a muslim husband says it all and it is not only Americans that have died due to extremists there are british people who have died aswell but yet there is no mention on here about those people and read the bible properly because that's far from perfect not all muslims are bad people and alot of you are saying some sick and disgusting things about muslims on here you are doing what that movie did so your all as bad as each other and should be ashamed of yourself I was raised better than to say the the nasty and uncalled for comments on here my parents obviously brought me up properly stop saying all Muslims say the extremists the terrorist but don't say all Muslims are the same because that's far from the truth whether people like it or not we only have one world get over it

    • liee says:

      Honey you ARE married one! you are one, you converted even bear the name. I suggest researching and reading the quran your husband may have 4 wifes and have one young that could be 9 or even still being 2 years old..your blind because you love your don't even know your an islamic muslime your self!

  • Victor says:

    If most of muslims what they say they're not with the muslim terrorists.. so these terrorists must be a fraud muslim..? meaning they don't practice oneness in beliefs but even in their religion.

  • IDATDOANK says:

    astagfirullah al aziiiim>>>>>>>>sungguh berani orang itu untuk membuat sesuatu yg belum pernah dia alami, apakah dia ngga tahu menghina adalah sesuatu yg keji,apalagi menghina nabi MUHAMMAD saw. kami sebagai umat islam MENGUTUK keras peredaran FILM itu.

  • Lisa says:

    Victor you hit the nail on the head and what you said is correct my husband is a full Muslim but he calls himself a british Muslim the ones that are born in a more westernized country are exactly that more westernized my husband never has a bad word to say about anyone apart from the ones who commit murder and harm like the extremist and terrorist and same with anyone in countries who do wrong he has a mixture of friends from all races and religions and doesn't compare them or judge them to his religion my husband is at one with himself he has nothing to prove and this is what am trying to tell the racist bullies on here you can't catergorise all Muslims because of a minority who do wrong the innocence of Muslims has caused so much damage and no am not saying that what some Muslims have done are right but I do believe that movie has caused it and they shouldn't have done it Muslims don't make fun of the bible not the proper muslims and in the Quran it has all the messengers in it not just Muhammed and it respects all of the messengers from what I no and have seen and been apart of Muslims are normal people nothing different they are generous help the needy kind loving and forgiving and accepting

    • liee says:


  • sunny says:

    my name is ghulam yasin meaning the salave of yaseen ( yasin is one name of our beloved profet) i m from pakistan. u non muslim people say that we are terorists and exteremists. but i want to told u that what your people are doing. in fat the actual terrorist are usa and isaril
    what are they doing. you do not have ear or eys.
    every thing the usa and israieel and other non muslim counteries are doing, what are they, what u call them.
    we muslims are very cool minded but when any one says any thing for our prophet we shall forget every thing. u people can;t imagine that your dogs have done what. at this time if he is in front of me i will tear him in pieces
    you want we should do every thing. you have liberty to do. but when muslims do as you do, you say they are terrorists
    infact only ISLAM is the religion which can bring peace to world. and usa and israil are only for their puposes
    you people should study islam
    i invite you
    i have very less knowlge but i m very clear about it
    can you prove from ur governmets that you are not terrorist
    pakistani women DR. Aafia siddiquee has done nothing but what has happened to her.
    this son of bich who has made the film has destroyed the peace of world, he is the reason for the death of men in lybia but what has done against him
    ou non muslims has double standards and words
    you say else and do else
    sicence has proven the facts, which are taught in islam and qurarn
    you should study quran and islam its my request and do not do such shamefull acts

    • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

      Islam, a barbarian religion for a barbarian and godless people.

      • Rasel Mahmud says:

        if someone tells bad about islam, we will have no problem to be a terrorist.And we will kill them without thinking that he is man or women............. we don't care our country law we just follow our prophet (s) law OK .................. on day you will kill you think that you are not a muslim and you don't know any think about our religion ok

    • dev says:

      why is Islam at war with all other RELIGIONS as well CULTURES.. Islam has destroyed and insulted other religious symbols and religious places. Islam has also destroyed it's own religious places like Wahabis have destroyed over 800 Shia mosques and worship places in Saudi Arabia and other Wahabi countries. Centuries of prosecution of Shia are part of Islamic history. In short, from the inception Islam is nothing but CONFLICT WITHIN and CONFLICT WITH OTHERS. Be it a muslim of other Islamic sect, or people of so called "BOOK" of other faiths like Jews and Christians, or be it PAGANS and HINDUS: For Islam and muslims - all others are WRONG except their own (so called prophet mohd) and Quran. When muslims have destroyed idols of other faiths (like that of pagans or Hindus or Buddhist), how can they expect others to respect their Prophet or Quran?

    • shahin perves says:

      sunny bahi i am 100% agree with you. If i get the fucker i will broke his mouth. We are muslims and we believes in Allah and our prophet. We are not terrorists. But if someone tells bad about islam, we will have no problem to be a terrorist.

    • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

      If, as you claim, islam will bring peace to the world, why then are so many muslims terrorists, murdering the innocents and causing mayham in the world?
      Please name me one islamic country that is at peace with itself?

  • Lisa says:

    Richard de Meath read all the books which the bible is made up from because if you were a reverend which you claim to be how many verses are they about fighting and protecting yourself there are very many verses in the bible just Quran only difference is no one has the decency to say it I can guarantee theses verses are in the bible and its easy for people to criticize the Quran when you haven't read it and as for non Muslims the Quran doesnt not say kill all when it says these verses its regarding to war and protecting your self against harm in the Quran it says if you save but one life you save all people if you take the life of another without good reason you will be punished people have taken the verses and misinterpretated them they've taken them out of context you also said Muhammed was a sex maniac does it not say in the bible men may have as many women as they desire people need to read and listen because as I've said earlier you have watched a 13 minute clip and think you no what Islam stands for and it also respects all messengers not just Muhammed stop blaming Islam for everything in the world it's easy to blame some one else it obviously makes people feel better about themselves I was brought up better than to judge and point fingers I was also raised to respect people and their beliefs I was was raised properly

    • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

      I actually possess a copy of the Koran and can quote you from it if you wish. I can tell you exactly home many times it demands the death of non-muslims, as well as those who refuse to convert. As a Christiand, I abide by The New Testament only, and not the Old Testament, which is what you refer to in you diatribe.
      I also do not believe you to be English, despite your portrayal of such, as evidenced by your style if writing.

  • Lisa says:

    Does Quran say to kill the kafir (Non Muslims)? Dr Zakir ... Please look at this before you judge

  • Lisa says:

    Believe me I am English my grandfather is called Patrick James born in Belfast ireland in 1923 Married Jessie James had 3 children then he came 2 england in the 50's met my granma who was born in new castle Britain they had 10 children my father is the youngest my mothers is the 2nd daughter of 4 children my nan is from wales my grandad west Yorkshire I was born in a town called keighley west yorkshire my dads parents were chatholics my mum were Christians I am the youngest of three sisters and 1 brother who may I remind you is fighting in afganistan you don't believe who I am because of the nature of my comments your forgetting my husband is a British Pakistani Muslim that's how I no what it stands for you don't like what I say because am right and that scares people like you I was raised properly and not to judge I am 27 years old and act older and wiser than you
    I am content with my self I have nothing to prove to you however I did google your name as Roland said earlier you are not who you claim to be

  • Lisa says:

    And the bible is made up of all these books not just one so I take it you pick and choose what takes your fancy you doubt my colour because am not racist which I believe you to be and you say you have the Quran as it's spelt does it not say if you take a life you will be punished you are reading the Quran the same way the extremists do with no knowledge of it and you want it to say what you want it to it's easier to judge others than to look in the mirror and say what you see you seem to have alot to say about everything you dont like me because I challenge your knowledge and the only way you can think you can win is by saying I am not a white British woman by casting doubt over me as a reverend which you say you are fair enough you don't respect all of humanity why is that

    • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

      Without getting into an intelligent debate, I suggest you learn to write properly, to use full stops (.), commas (,) and paragraphs. ()

      To say that I shall 'be punished' for reading the koran is a nonsense, seeing the much of it is taken from the Old Testament, and the New Testament, with many parts culled from arabic superstitions.

      Those who believe they have the right to murder others in the name of God are an abomination and the muslim clerics who call upon their congregations to act in this way are an affront to all civilised thinking.

      Now, Lisa, thank you for your time and have a good life!

      Many blessings on you and yours.

  • Suleiman says:

    LLaanatu-LLah! to all participants.

  • Kami dari warga muslim indonesia ..
    Sangat mengutuk film γ̥ά̲̣̣̣̥Ϟƍ berjudul innoncence of muslims karna fim tersebut telah mengisahkan penghinaan terhadap raslÙllah اَللّه termasuk nabi besar kita nabi muhammad saw..
    Kami dari persatuan muslim dunia sangat mengutuk orang γ̥ά̲̣̣̣̥Ϟƍ bersangkutan dengan film tersebut ..

    اَللّه akbar
    اَللّه akbar
    اَللّه akbar

  • Lisa says:

    Lol read it properly I didn't say you would be punished for reading the Quran I said you read it the same way the extremists do. As for a minority of Muslim extremists who take life in the name of god they do not follow the Quran properly if you had any muslim associates or friends you would no this you are a racist man with no knowledge of the Quran you say you have read it but yet you still fail to understand it you were not born when Jesus was here or Muhammed or any of the other messengers so you cannot say what is real and what is not. I am an atheist but yet do not judge the bible Quran Torah etc because I have no right to. At some point I hope you understand why people are angry at this movie and I wish you all the best in your life

  • billy says:

    mudah mudahan allah balikkan hati orang yg membuat film ini biar bisa masuk islam

  • asha says:

    Biadab!!kafir laknat!!

    • prince says:

      muslim people believe in God but in defferent aspect of belief prior in one man of his leader that leader told kill people by suicide your soul is the hand of ala or God.this is rediculous of believe of muslim that did not think million times what so happen the died that tragic bombming of his done?

  • Vivek Rana says:

    Its not justify... this film provide more gap in between muslims n rest of World... we all indians condemn IT...

  • Arinda Alii says:

    Firman Allah SWT : "Janganlah kamu merasa lemah dan jangan pula kamu bersedih hati padahal kamu adalah orAng-orang yang derajatnya lebih tinggi jika kamu adalah orang-orang yang beriman ( QS. Ali Imran).

    Aku, sampai mati tak akan pernah lemah atas hinaan kaum KAFIR yang berani menghina Nabi Besar Muhammad SAW. Sampai mati, asyhadu anlaa ilaaha ilallah, wa asyhadu annaa Muhammadar rasulullah!

    Dan aku akan tersenyum melihat kau, para KAFIR, menerima siksa yang KEKAL lagi PEDIH dari ALLAH SWT, di akhirat kelak!

  • Md Ajimuddin says:

    Christians of today finds fault with Muslims only but they make Muslims do so. If they did not make such film then Muslims did not attack in Libya. To stop these activities Christians should become decent, moderate,innocent and good in behaviour. Right now they are more brute than even a lion.

  • elephant says:

    People insult my religion all the time; on tv, on the radio, and even from people standing right in front me. Do I get so offended that I decide to kill/ terrorize others? Noooooooo. I turn the other cheek b/c this is a democracy and we can have our religion and government and still be civilized. This only shows how barbaric Muslims can be. " if somone tells bad about Islam, we will have no problem to be a terrorist".... Are you serious? Best advice.....suck it up. This is America and we are strong. I pray for forgiveness to those of you who have hurt others in the name of your god. Rot in Hell.

  • Eagles says:

    i belived Human kind is God Creation, We can't protect God Becouse we are only a God Creation. God Can Protect us if we care, protect end respect anything in this world specially humand kind. the most worst thing is to distroy God creation for the belief.

  • Islam is a religion of peace says:

    You ignorant people insult and humiliate our beloved prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him). Then I ask you, why was he placed 1st In the list of 100 of the world's greatest leaders by an american. The religion of Islam is a huge threat to the nations of the world. Why are more and more non muslims coming into Islam if indeed it was such a terrible religion. Islam is taking the world by storm and that is what scares you people that you feel you have to defame it. Do what you may, you will never destroy it but you will only make more stronger, Now people will want to learn more about my beautiful religion. Islam teaches you a beautiful way of life not the barbaric way non muslims liive- i.e A life of alcohol, drugs, gambling and so on. If you are so keen you learn about Islam ,read the quraan(the english version)THen you will understand what I am talking about. Our Beloved Prophet is a role model to the leaders of the world. You call us terrorists , when the real terrorists are the americans. The enrire world knows that they were behind the 911 attacks and yet they pointed fingers at us. they have killed millions of innocent muslims around the world based on false accusations and you call usthe terrorists.Get your facts straight before you go around defaming prophet Muhammad and the glorious religion of Islam.

  • Cleveland says:

    I don't understand all this arguing. Provoking others with insulting films is wrong and violence to others for insulting your religion is wrong. All I know is that when those feet touch Mt. Olive they won't belong to Mohammad or Allah they will be the feet of Jesus the one true God.

  • baron says:

    besok gw bikin pilem balasan, lo pade liat aje orang2 kapiir. patung disembah keblinger ente goublok

  • sheralam says:

    islam is the religion of peace and love and muslims spread peace love humainity.
    Allah is the only God He is on only to be worship and only to be believed in and Holy Prophet PBUH is the last messenger of Allah for whom entire universe is made he was the one on whom Allah send his final book Quran a book of guidence i am muslim and i am proud to be muslim i am proud that i am born muslim family because islam is the complete religion whos entire teachings are compiled in the form of Quran.

  • Frederick says:

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