Innocence Of Muslims: Anti-Muslim Film Sparks Outrage, Fatal Attack In Libya

Innocence of Muslims Libya

A trailer for a little-known anti-Muslim film that went viral on YouTube sparked outrage and violent attacks overnight at the U.S. Embassy in Libya that left over a dozen wounded and four Americans dead, including U.S. ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens. In a press conference today President Obama condemned the acts and promised justice to those responsible, said to be Muslim protesters angry over insults against the Prophet Muhammad made in a film called Innocence of Muslims.

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Innocence of Muslims, purportedly made for $5 million in California by an Israeli-American real estate developer named Sam Bacile, satirizes the life of Muhammad, according to Reuters, "as a fool, a philanderer and a religious fake." The film, which features amateurish performances and cheap-looking sets, depicts the Prophet as a fraud and also includes scenes in which he engages in sexual acts.

A 14-minute trailer for the (fairly terrible-looking) film, filled with green-screen CG and painfully wooden performances, hit YouTube in July and was subsequently picked up by news media in Egypt and the Arabic-speaking world. Associations with Koran-burning Florida pastor Terry Jones didn't help; he endorses the film and screened the trailer Tuesday.

Following the attacks in Libya and at the U.S. Consulate in Cairo, Egypt, Bacile went into hiding. Speaking by phone with the Associated Press, he was remorseful about the fatal attacks but stood behind his film as a political statement, saying "Islam is a cancer, period."

In a bizarre twist, The Atlantic spoke with a "militant Christian activist" who consulted on the film who claims that "Sam Bacile" is a pseudonym, calling into question Bacile's actual identity and background.

Meanwhile, President Obama is increasing diplomatic security details at U.S. embassies around the world.

Read more via NYT's The Lede.

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  • pirasteh says:

    Mohammed is the messenger of peace and friendship

    • Dream on, he was just another arab on the make.

      • Marine for peace says:

        I am not sure what is wrong with you Richard De Meath, but you do not speak for all americans. Keep your mouth shut and stop spewing the sewage you call TRUTH! Freedom of religion is what this county is based on. I can pray to my cat if I want to. I did not spend time in the Marines to protect your right to be an ass. Stop being antagonistic and let people be!!!

        • Freeman says:

          And Freedom of Speech is what this country is based on. Why cant you let him just state his opinion?
          Let alone, he simply said he was just another Arab, obviously even Muslims would agree he was just a man, yet you went off on Richard, against his Freedom of Speech. So un-American of you.

          • Fola says:

            American!!! I wonder sometimes if having it too good makes people blind. U guys should come over to Africa and you will learn to be more conscientious about your freedoms. Some freedoms if misused can be very fatal. I guess we have all seen this before, when a civilization reaches its peak it has no where to go but down unless the foundations of such civvilizations are reviewed. Does anyone remember Rome? It citizens where much more pompous and proud than present day America. Americans are the singular Superpower in the world we live in today which makes them an easy target for all the scum of the earth. This is the time for America to come out of its imperial stance and share the knowledge and resources with which it built itself to this great position.How would the world be if every country where as organised like the US? Barring that I believe that the end of a colossus is at hand.

        • Spamagee590 says:

          So you didn't spend time in the Marines defending Richards right to free speech?
          I thought you were defending ALL the rights of ALL Americans.
          You need to think a bit with a comment like that before you post it.

          • rachel says:

            Actually.. if you read farther down, Richard says he is Irish living in England, so...

          • Spamagee590 says:

            He didn't know that, and I didn't know that at the time, but it still applies, did he serve to protect everyone's right or not?

          • Rukshar Khan says:

            Freedon of right doesnt mean u abuse it. ou are abusing the right man.. by invoking hatred. and violence. Freedom of speech doesnt mean you go on speaking ill about others relgions and beliefs.

            You dont have religion .. and even you did, you are not passionate about it... what those muslims are doing is because thaey are passionate about their religion.. So please stop here!

          • Spamagee590 says:

            Yes it does mean the freedom to say you don't like a religion, to say anything you like.
            That is why it is called FREEDOM of SPEECH!

      • joy says:

        WOW PEOPLE. All of this hate is ridiculous. The more anti-any religion hate you post on this site or any other one is only going to hurt YOU in the end. Do you realize you are killing people who are innocent in the situation because you are offending them? They are brilliant country, with an amazing culture, full of rich history and impotrtance to all religions. But if one peron in another country made even a you tube video depicting jesus or god in any disrespectful way, do you think i would rally and harm muslims in my country? NO! Why? Because i realize that one person or even one group of people can not effect my view on that society as a whole. We can be angry at the responsible. PERIOD. Dont go around killing people just because they have the same religious views or are from the same country as the people who you're mad at. This goes for both sides. To my fellow americans, you have the freedom of speech, and religion, but realize that some hurtful opinions are best kept to yourself. To any offended muslim, you have the freedom of speech, and religion, but realize that hurtful opinions from a group of people absolutly does not mean that all americans share the same thoughts. And im sure the ones responsible for this disgrace of a movie will suffer severly. We should all be ashamed of ourselves, We should all be intelligent enough to realize that if a person does not physically hurt you themselves, they dont deserve to be hurt in any way. And we should all have nothing but respect for each and every religion. For all the americans being harmed in other countries. Did they phisically do anything to offend the protesters? And all this over a stuid movie? Go ahead make 1,000 movies disrespecting christianity in a hurtful way, im sure there are already ones out there. i would never start attacking people from that country who live in the US. Its a stupid movie spliced together by some asshole. I hope everyone in the whole world realizes how stupid this all is. For the love of any god. Stop the violence. War has hurt many innocent people.. but the events that are unfolding because of a horrible 12 minute trailer are a disgrace to humanity. Come on people, shouldnt we be trying to make a better world for our children, and not a nuclear wastland?

        • Fola says:

          This is the only true "realist" amongst all the commentators here so far. Alas, realism alone would not suffice here. We have to realise that there are some selfish interests at work here whose sole aim is to always have a heated global polity so as to always have cover for their insidious activities. God save us all!!!

          • miles says:

            Very true, the trailer was (in the english version) clearly spliced together by a hatful person souly to pit the 2 against each other. i am sure in the translated versions it seems it was made like that on purpose. but unfortunatly the majority will always pay for the actions of the few... yes indeed, god save us all

          • L says:

            Your right, something scary is playing out, thats for sure

          • Spamagee590 says:

            Some think sometime in October will be something bad, probably the beginning of the war between Israel and Iran.
            It will draw everyone else into it, we could be looking at WW3.

          • miles says:

            Or december, the mayan calendar may be right after all, we could definitely could be looking at WW3

      • Rukshar Khan says:

        Richard - i am a born Islam but not practicing. I am a believer of peace and prosperity. What you are doing is invoking hatred and violence.
        My neighbours are from all different faith. They all love each other. We all participate in "our" religious activities.

        we live in peace here.. i have my peace loving friends in us too. and they are from all different religious denominations including islam. your views will just bring about =hatred on them and there could be more violence inflicted on them as well. so please retreat your statements as i plead to you.

    • recogt says:

      And if you do not believe this we will behead you and kill your family.

    • Fola says:

      When I look at current world events, I feel as if am watching a puppet show. The events in Libya is only a small scene in the play going on. The main actors been the US Government and the Islamic World. The plot is thickening but my own question is, who are the Puppet Masters???

    • syed says:

      Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him, is a messenger of peace for all huminity

      • Spamagee590 says:

        He started wars to steal, rape and plunder, and called on others to do the same thing in the name of allah.
        God never said to do these things, muhammad was a false prophet.

    • Jason White says:

      Is that why muslims kill people over having a different point of view on a crappy movie??? There is something wrong with a religion that is always having people killing other people for being different. Why can't these so called peaceful muslims stomp out these so called bad apples?? The reason why is the vast majority of muslims HATE non-muslims and we need to stomp them out before it is to late!!!!

  • pirasteh says:

    Insulting Mohammed is an insult to God and his messengers

  • ECEM says:

    whats wrong with Muslims, america!why are you independent only yourselves?Muslims , Christian ,Israelite,etc.... are religion.and this s our must not determine.nobody can re making enemies now and be sure your God hate you! or is there your God???!!!and content of the movie...ıt s so wretched.ıt is not like a the same time is it real??NOO its not real.its YOUR WOULD LIKE TO SEE.BUT KNOW İT .WE RE MUSLIMS AND WE RE PROUD TO BE.and the movie is not like our culture.I THINK YOU SHOULD ORIGINAL GOSPEL (ITS İN TURKEY NOW)AND IT SAYS ''THIS IS NOT THE LAST RELIGION,WAIT THE RELIGION AND TURN THE RELIGION.THEIR PROPHETESS AHMET MUHAMMET(SAV).KNOW IT''.and my last sentence;one day your public will read YOUR SECRET original book and they will say curse to you...

  • be more humane says:

    what did sam bacile gain by doing such a movie, anything that is provocative and disrespectful bound to get a backlash. the ones who get hurt are the innocent people of amerika who get caught in this kind of turmoil unexpectly. people like sam who is in his fifties need to act more matured and responsible;for his actions can only bring about more ill feelings.

  • Abubakar says:

    Why are people behaving like they are not going die,even if you are not folowing islam, don't abuse it because we beleaved in Allah(S.W.T) and all his messenger from prophet Adam(A.S) to Mohammed(P.B.U.H).Islam is religion of peace why are they disbleaving?

    • And those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear cannot deny the violence that masquerades as a religion and calls itself Islam!

      • abdulsalam says:


  • Abdulloh says:

    What ever they said and what ever they do to moslem people,let's keep patinet,ALLOH SWT will punish them All.

  • DILFRAZ KHAN says:

    you are the son of dog and cats why you

  • K says:

    Such a childish stupid video. What a waste of time, the creators of this video are truly ignorant, as an American and a Lutheran I say to you whatever your beliefs are is ok until you attack or ridicule others beliefs, then you should be ignored to the point that you literally dont exist, shame on you. Grow up and be respectful! Signed, U.S. Army Veteran

    • U.S. Army & Navy Veteran says:

      It was a cheap movie, one of the worst productions I've seen in a long time. However, it was just a bad movie, not an attack on anyone. The completely out of proportion response to the movie had nothing to do with the film-maker. Maybe we should worry a bit more about the readiness of those who would fly off the handle and rape, kill, and drag our Ambassador's body through the streets, nay - outright declare war on the USA. Why is there no response to this declaration of war against our country?

      • When you have a half-muslim in the White House, you can hardly expect a robust response against his people in the Middle East.

      • kiaxmental says:

        Rodger that. Because it make the politicians look bad. With whom do we wage our war...with what country? It took me 4 tours to come to this understanding. The problem is we are at war with an idea. Death to the infidel .... western societies right to exist is being questioned by these radicals. Untill NATO understands this fact.....we will continue to watch it on the news and allow it to happen.

  • gar says:

    Is your silly religion so weak, and your belief in your so-called "prophet" so meager that you fear a poorly manufactured video would somehow destroy your faith of islam? Christians throughout disavow this video as it doesn't represent our beliefs, but we also do not fear islam's continual persecution of Christians in Egypt or other muslim countries. This video is horribly produced - and something certainly not produced by Hollywood. Uneducated radicals making mountains out of mole hills... again.

  • Islam is the religion of the Anti-Christ, its followers determined to destroy all those who oppose it. They are country-stealers, emigrating in their droves to the West, marrying and breeding to the point that in less than a hundred years, they overwhelm the local population.
    It is then that they show their teeth, as they did in Lebanon and other countries.
    We let them in at our peril.

  • Richard de meath is a sucker says:

    Hello richard you are a perfect asshole. And to let you know that u and your fucking attitude doesn't help any of the problem that was happening now. Muslims are religion of peace. But when we (muslims) were insulted. We kill til I met you.

  • kuta kamina saala tere maa ki aankh Go and kicked your MOTHERS VAGENA from dogs and pigs

  • hamba Alloh says:

    Actually, what their purposes making that film are not important. it hurts Muslim and describes that the maker of film is a silly man.

  • 077 says:

    The film is offensive to Muslims ... !! they have the right to defend Islam " I think If the film was about Your religion ... you will do same as Muslims did "

    • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

      Jesus advises Christians to "turn the other cheek!"

    • Spamagee590 says:

      When was the last time yo heard of someone OTHER than muslims beheading anyone in the name of a God they say is peaceful?

    • rachel says:

      Holy crap, a terrorist group flew 2 freaking planes into the trade centers and we did not burn down the homes and places of worship of muslims in the country then, so i can hardly see why we would be pissed if a little spliced together trailer was made depicting our religion in a bad way. I mean really? If those riots were happening in america, our own government would slap us

  • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

    Is it not strange that they choose the week when we remember the victims of 911 to once again show their teeth?

  • Qassem Taha Omran says:

    لم نطلب المستحيل كل الذي نريده منكم ان تحترمو مشاعرنا الاسلام سمح وانساني لان محمدا(ص ) بعث للانسانيه جميعا وهنلك مشتركات كثيره بين الديان السماويه(اليهوديه-المسيحيه-الاسلام)اولها التوحيدفلماذا هذا اليشويه لقيم الاسلام نحن نكره الارهاب ومسببيهفمن الظلم ان تلسق بالاسلام صفة الرهاب فلسنا الان بصدد اطلاق التهم الكل يعرف من اين ولماذا والمتسبب بالارهاب واذ كان البعض متشددا من المسلمين هذا لايعني ان الاسلام جميعهم يحملون هذه الصفه ----اعتقد ان الاطماع بثروات المنطقه(الشرق الاوسط)يدفع الكثيرباتجاه عدم الاستقرار واخرها هذا الفيلم الاكذوبه التي نجهل اهداف الاعلان عنه في هذا اليوقيت بالذات ابعاد النظر عن ماذا -الناس تذبح في سوريا والعالم الحر لايسمع هل المقصود ابعاد الاعين عن بشار ليذبح شعبه وبدم بارد اين الانسانيه واين الظمير العالمي-------------------------

    • Spamagee590 says:

      Now in English?

      • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

        Spamagee590, I am able to translate this for you - and advise you to consider the source. After all, islam would be nothing if it did not practice violence and then call it 'peace'.

        Qassem Taha Omran says:

        September 14, 2012 at 2:04 pm

        لم نطلب المستحيل كل الذي نريده منكم ان تحترمو مشاعرنا الاسلام سمح وانساني لان محمدا(ص ) بعث للانسانيه جميعا وهنلك مشتركات كثيره بين الديان السماويه(اليهوديه-المسيحيه-الاسلام)اولها التوحيدفلماذا هذا اليشويه لقيم الاسلام نحن نكره الارهاب ومسببيهفمن الظلم ان تلسق بالاسلام صفة الرهاب فلسنا الان بصدد اطلاق التهم الكل يعرف من اين ولماذا والمتسبب بالارهاب واذ كان البعض متشددا من المسلمين هذا لايعني ان الاسلام جميعهم يحملون هذه الصفه ----اعتقد ان الاطماع بثروات المنطقه(الشرق الاوسط)يدفع الكثيرباتجاه عدم الاستقرار واخرها هذا الفيلم الاكذوبه التي نجهل اهداف الاعلان عنه في هذا اليوقيت بالذات ابعاد النظر عن ماذا -الناس تذبح في سوريا والعالم الحر لايسمع هل المقصود ابعاد الاعين عن بشار ليذبح شعبه وبدم بارد اين الانسانيه واين الظمير العالمي-------------------------
        Between Judge heavenly (Judaism - Christianity - Islam) the first of Altouhadflmama this Alachou to the values ​​of Islam We hate terrorism and Msbouaphvmn injustice that Tlsag Islam recipe phobias we are not now going to launch charges Everyone knows where, why and causing terror Taking some were militant Muslims this does not mean that Islam whom holdthis epithet ---- I think that greed riches of the region (Middle East) pays Alktherbatjah instability of the latest film FIB do not know the objectives announced in this particular Alaoukat matter what dimensions - people slaughtered in Syria and the free world to hear a intended to keep the eyes for Basharto sacrifice his people in cold blood where humanity and where global Alzemir................

  • Lina Alamoedi says:

    Hi islam and Christianity ... for you your religion, to me my religion ... This is already happening, don't blame each other because it's not a good solution. Let's think well and live peacefully trooped. We never know what the intent of the film was in fact although it is insulting to islam. But do not be hostile, therefore we are mutually destroy. Let any religions live peacefully.

  • Lisa says:

    People say Islam is other religions with Arabic subscriptions if u read the bible it says all about the other messengers who are to come just like the quran does at the end of the day the film was to insult and offend I am a white British woman who does not follow any religion however I have read the quran and the religion is about peace the prophet did not abuse children and fighting is not preached unless it is 2 protect yourself and your family the killing of people is also wrong if u follow the Quran people who want to judge need to read it first and I think by calling the prophet a child abuser people need to start looking at the churches before you call another religion. RELIGION DOES NOT KILL IT'S PEOPLE WHO KILL and if the man if you can call him that who made this film honesty wasn't doing it 2 offend where is he why lie about who he is he's the man who has caused this he's the one responsible they are far more important thing happening in the world and this narrow minded poor excuse of a man needs to be accounted for his actions and the DAMAGE he has and is going 2 cause people use to fight over the race of a person and degrade them people for there colour people are now doing the same to Muslims and followers of Islam. Islam is the fastest growing faith in the world people should think about that it can't be that bad when thousands of people are converting no one persons owns the world we all do and it's our differences that make it great not colour religion or race we are all humans we all have the same inside we are all one and we are all great people need to open there eyes and what people are doing 2 Muslims and Islam is what hitler did to the Jews its what apartheid did to the colored people and it's not something to be proud of you can not blame Islam for what a minority of fools do people who are twisted al quida is a cult an extremist organization it's not the Quran read it and then judge don't islam before reading the Quran it's about peace and the acceptance of all mankind

    • Spamagee590 says:

      Where do you get your facts?
      You said muhammad didn't abuse children?
      I guess you missed the part where he married Aisha when she was 7 and consummated the marriage with her when she was 9.
      I guess you also missed the parts of the quran that commands murder of non-muslims.

      • mohammed says:

        our prophet mohammed is moraly irriproachable he is the messanger of God to complete the best of human moral please study his life to see how mersfull message he was send for

        • Spamagee590 says:

          Are you trying to tell me that muhammad the murderer, the theif, the chid rapist, the liar was a moral man?
          Show one just one of the prophets from the bible that did the same things.

      • If I may ask where did you get your facts from Muhammed (saw) married Aeysha (ra) at the age of 9 and consumated the marriage when she was 16.... Is that not a legal age to be intimate? Get ur facts straight dude...

  • mohammed says:

    الفلم معد بهياة رديئة جدا من حيث الاعداد والاخراج والتمثيل والمعروض مجموعة اكاذيب
    والذين شاركوا بهذا الفلم يحملون من الكره والعدائية للانسانية والكره لمباديء ألاسلام السامية ومن
    الموسف ان يتم اعطائه هذه الأهمية ولو ترك بدون رد عليه لانقرض الفلم والمشاركين

    • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

      Once again I offer the translation, as well as I am able. I feel sure that my fellow non-muslims would like to read what iMohammed is struggling to say.

      فلم معد بهياة رديئة جدا من حيث الاعداد والاخراج والتمثيل والمعروض مجموعة اكاذيب
      والذين شاركوا بهذا الفلم يحملون من الكره والعدائية للانسانية والكره لمباديء ألاسلام السامية ومن
      الموسف ان يتم اعطائه هذه الأهمية ولو ترك بدون رد عليه لانقرض الفلم والمشاركين

      The film is worried that soon very poor in terms of numbers and output and representation before the Group lies who participated in this film to the carrying of hatred and hostility of humanity, and hatred of the principles of Islam High Commissioner and was even to be given this importance, even if left without a response by لانقرض film and participants

  • Kim says:

    Ever heard of the photograph by the American artist and photographer Andres Serrano. It depicts a small plastic crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist's urine. The piece was a winner of the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art's "Awards in the Visual Arts" competition,which was sponsored in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, a United States Government agency that offers support and funding for artistic projects?. As a Christian I don't like that but in America there is freedom of speech. Just saying!

  • Lisa says:

    At the end of the day the people who are judging Islam and Muslim are nothing more than narrow minded all the people who believe what that film says is correct have not read the Quran and have no right to judge all Muslims without knowing them as friends family and human beings you are doing to muslims and Islam what HITLER DID TO THE JEWS AND WHAT APARTHEID DID TO COLOURED PEOPLE here are facts by experts about Aisha If we look at the issue taking 614 as the year that Surah Qamar was revealed, Aisha would have been born at least eight years before the prophetic mission, or in 606. If we accept 618, then the year of birth would have been 610; this event alone makes it impossible for her to have been 9 when she married. 
    When this information is combined with her name being on the list of the first Muslims, we get the result that
    Aisha's date of birth was probably 606. Consequently, she would have been at least 17 when she married. These are experts who have said this people who have studied its every aspect. People have no right to judge get your facts right and read the information given people are persecuting Muslims and Islam and as a society people who do are no different to hitler Osama bin laden the world is a cruel place and who made humanity judge jury and executioner the man responsible for this film is in hiding that says it all

  • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

    Playing around with dates does not obscure the fact Aisha was just 6 years old when Mohommad cast lust-filled eyes on her. It is beyond arguement she entered the home of her future husband at that age. Even in those far-off times this was accepted as unnatural.
    To describe islam as a religion of peace is also a wicked play on words. For even the most casual obsever to enquire on google, they will find over 100 exhortations to kill those who refuse to convert, including children.
    For centuries muslims have practiced emigratiion to other countries, breeding at a faster rate than their hosts, their numbers eventually overwhelming the native population. At this point they insist on the introduction of sharia law to replace all other local and national laws, including its imposition on on-muslims.
    Non-muslims are then subjected to a penalty tax, and descend into the status of a subject race in the land of their ancestors.
    This is how the 'religion of peace' imposes itself. We see how it operates today in countries like Pakistan, where Christians live in fear, their children falsely accused of defacing the koran and threatened with death, churches burned, often with the people in them.
    This is also the case in Nigaria, where muslim slaughter of Christians is taking place as I write these words.I shall not even venture to write about other islamic countries, where killing is inherent in law.
    Do Christians in the West respond in kind?
    Muslims love to kill, that is a fact of life, finding their authority to do so backed by their religious leaders.
    While this happens, the innocents in this world continue to die. Only when islam awakens to the evil of its way and refuses to demand death as its blood-price, will some semblance of peace descend on the world.

    • Fola says:

      Killing in the name of God is not a new phenomenon and its not only Islamists that have perpetuated these dastardly acts. Need I remind you of the Crusades? The crux of the matter is that such people should not get away with such things in this present day and time. I sometimes wonder what the usefulness of the United Nations is? I see its actions and activities as mainly been reactive instead of been proactive. "Humanism" should be the new religion and the UN should be its main protector. All religions can exist under "Humanism" for as long as you respect and treat everyone around you the same way there will be less conflicts and confrontations. Like I said earlier, extreme Anarchist interests are at play here.

      • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

        The Crusades were set up to protect the lives of European pilgrims who were frequently robbed and murdered by muslim bandits as they travelled on their pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Across the early years this became a power struggle between political greed rather than religious beliefs.
        There is nothing in modern Western religious thinking that compares to the mind-set of those far-away times. Only mischief-makers, or the extremely ignorant, seek to compare religious differences of the medieval mind with the Church of today.
        In the 21st century, we like to believe those who truly follow the Christian path seek to shy away from taking the life of another, just because they disagree with what you believe.
        Islam preaches it is right to take the life of another, which is abhorrence to the mind of those who truly love peace and wish for harmony.

        • Fola says:

          Revd. De Meath as a cleric yourself I believe your teachings should be based more on the ideals of acceptance and tolerance amongst people practicing different religions. As there are extremist Christians so are there extremist Muslims. The irony of the matter is that these extreme minorities are allowed to continue to distabilze the world with their myopic viewpoints. Please remember your first a human being before being anything else. No ideal is superior to that of "Humanism". Stop all these antagonistic and provocative bickering. What has been shown to be wrong in the past should be discouraged and let us plan a better future for our Children so that they may escape the vile face of intolerance in whatever matter be it religion or whatever else.

  • adam malaysia says:

    Who make that film is no minds

  • tandi143 says:

    HEy BLoODy BuDTErd.... StOp This MoVIE ..i WoRn u ok..... I M Very AngRy...

    • Reverend Richard de Meath says:

      How angry are you, exactly? And why are you angry in the first place, it is only a childish piece of nonsense, badly made, infantile in the extreme and will only annoy the weak-minded!

  • adam malaysia says:

    I know evry one angry.especialy muslims