WATCH: Monsters Inc. 3D Trailer Recalls A Time When It Wasn't So Easy To Laugh

'Monsters, Inc. 3D' trailer

I'll leave the jokes about how Monsters, Inc 3D has a new eye-popping look to Billy Crystal and, instead, ask if you remember where your head was at in November 2001 when this Pixar classic was released. If you lived in New York City and had a young child (as I did), you were probably extremely grateful  for Monsters, Inc. because, even if your kid was too young to grasp what had happened at Ground Zero, you were not.Sitting in the cool dark of a movie theater  with my four-year-old and watching this funny film was a brief, welcome respite from the daily barrage of news reports about terrorists at our border, toxins in the air and the heavy layer of grief that blanketed the city. Monsters, Inc. made my kid laugh, and that made me laugh. And exhale.

Monsters, Inc. 3D will be re-released on December 19.

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