Watch Your Back, Dame Judi Dench: Boyle Says Queen Elizabeth Is A Good Actor - She and James Bond 'Got Along Very Well'

If Queen Elizabeth ever tires of the throne, she has a future in acting. Filmmaker Danny Boyle, who directed an inspired and beautifully surreal opening ceremony for the XXX Olympiad in London, told NBC's Meredith Vieira that the Royal was "a good actor" for her pre-recorded segment with current James Bond Daniel Craig.

"She was very gracious in giving us access," Boyle told Vieira when she asked him how he managed to get the Queen to participate in what is proving to be the most talked-about portion of his Isles of Wonder production. "She's very sharp," Boyle told Vieira. "You didn't have to tell her anything twice." Boyle also noted that "Her and James Bond got along very well" and that Craig — who collected the queen for a helicopter ride that resulted in the duo's stunt doubles parachuting into Olympic Stadium — gave an extremely nuanced glance as Elizabeth passed him in one scene that registered the momentous melding of fact and fiction. "Sleight, surreal, eccentricity. That's what we're good at, really," Boyle told Vieira of his movie-making imprint on the London games. We have to agree.

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