2012 Olympics: Photo Highlights from Danny Boyle's Bizarre, Beautiful Opening Ceremony

2012 Olympics Ceremony

Well. Orchestrating a luminous, fiery 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony celebration that somehow managed to combine film, music, live theater, dance, the Beatles, a giant baby, flying men on freaking jetpacks, Mr. Bean, James Bond AND The Queen, Danny Boyle set the world abuzz with his tribute to British culture. While Olympics-watchers process the epic Brit-centric extravaganza, we've got good looks at 9 beautifully bizarre moments from the Opening Ceremony. Dive right in to Movieline's Olympics gallery and revel in the Boyletastic theatrics. Your move, Brazil '16.

Maybe I missed the memo and someone out there can explain why so many of the random UK cultural icons in Boyle's uber-British, at times verging on Gaga-esque mad dance party are words that begin with the letter B? Beatles, Bond, Bowie, (Mr.) Bean, that terrifying baby, the bubble people, Beckham ... on a boat!

1. James Bond and The Queen
Her form is impeccable.
2012 Olympics Bond Queen

2. David Beckham
"He's on a boat (I'm on a boat)..." etc., etc.
2012 Olympics Beckham

3. David Bowie
A nice segue into the "Starman" segment, and perhaps a visual approximation of what Danny Boyle was thinking at this very moment.
2012 Olympics Bowie

4. Mr. Bean
Instagram waits for no man.
2012 Olympics Mr. Bean

5. That Giant Baby
Homage to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for sick children, or preview of tonight's nightmare visions?
2012 Olympics Hospital

6. Winged Bicyclists
Great new Olympic sport idea, or best new Olympic sport idea?

7. He Who Shall Not Be Named
If he wasn't terrifying before, kids...
2012 Olympics Harry Potter

8. Flying Mary Poppinses!
Shout out to Bert, over in the corner sweeping the world's largest chimney tidying up after the molten Industrial Revolution rings.



Click here for the full 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Gallery.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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  • Toni says:

    Boring. Disturbing. Pointless.

  • Alan says:

    Us Brits got 'over ourselves' a long time ago; it's about time the rest of the world cottoned on to that - brilliant Mr Boyle!!

  • bradslager says:

    I enjoyed the segment featuring all those literary characters -- or as Hollywood refers to them. "Adaptable focus-group content options".

  • Jake says:

    Started slowly for me, but really got going after a while. I really enjoyed it in the end. Everyone was pissed about the health care crap, but who cares? Overall it was a thumbs up for me.

    - Jakey

  • masiama says:

    Good picture

  • sara says:

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