GALLERY: 5+ Years of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in Pictures

After five years and change of marriage, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are calling it quits. And we all thought those crazy kids would make it! (Right?) Relive the glory of TomKat, from their globe-trotting whirlwind romance to daughter Suri, to hobnobbing with fellow A-lister couples and more recent public appearances, in a very special Movieline gallery.

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Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Divorce


  • There's a book by Jerry Lewis called THE TOTAL FILMMAKER. In it, Lewis talks of all actors
    basically being nine-year-olds. How often do we see actors "play doctor"/self-medicate, or
    "play house"/get married + have kids...and then, well, it's time to stop because they're tired.
    The truly sad part are when there are children involved. Real kids. With everything that
    Jerry Lewis has gone through in his life, I'd say he knows what he's talking about.

    So I'm not surprised by this Holmes/Cruise breakup. I AM happy to see a couple like Tom
    Hanks and Rita Wilson. Older, talented, in love with each other; well-grounded, I think.

  • The Pope says:

    Well of course because with Tom and Katie, it wasn't a marriage but a merger... which is now having its assets stripped.

    • Maybe the breakup revolves about who had better hair. Who knows? Wasn't Tom Cruise great
      in TAPS?
      Anyway, soon Cruise can put the move on Kim Kardashian. They can both jump on Oprah's
      couch. Is Kim still thinking about running for Mayor of Glendale CA?

  • Jeri says:

    so, with criuse and holmes divorcing, all we need is for joshua jackson to dump diane kruger then pacey and joey can be together forever!

  • max says:

    I guess Katie is not going to be in the Galactic Confederacy clubhouse after all.

  • Brieftaube says:

    All those comments worldwide how the "sweet and innocent Katie" finally escapes the "bad old Tom" are really sickening. Katie (why not Kate? Is she a child, or what?) has been living with him for years and suddenly is "a poor victim"? Or better yet: She needs to protect her daughter? From what except from herself? The first five years are the most crucial in terms of being impressionable as a child. Now Suri seems fine. And NOW Katie gets all "protective"? Come freakin' on! So I wouldn't be surprised if a) either it was a marriage contract for a time or b) Katie will come out with a new man soon. But the bulls.... about "protecting" Suri ... from what? How many millions of people have been prosecuted and killed by Catholics? Not one by Scientologists. In America, a "church" is a different kind of thing than in Europe. And "Scientology" is NOT that kind of "religion" like Catholicism is. The latter is a cult, the former is a spiritual esoteric movement, the "church"-part is a legal term, tax-wise. Get Suri into the claws of the cult with saints and sins and sacrifices (Catholicism) - that sure will be great for the girl's soul. I bet, once Suri will be old enough, she will want to live with Tom, just like his other kids. And she will not forgive her mom. Just assuming.