Kristen Stewart or Chris Hemsworth... or Neither: Who's the Fairest Box Office Draw for Snow White and the Huntsman?

Snow White and the Huntsman - Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron

You might guess most folks flocking to theaters this weekend for Snow White and the Huntsman are the legions of diehard fans of Twilight's Kristen Stewart, who stars in the fantasy adventure as the sword-swinging Snow White. Maybe, even, they'll come for co-star Chris Hemsworth — he of Thor and Avengers fame. But surprise, surprise — who'd have thought the big draw, at least for folks who hit opening day today, would be neither of SWATH's up-and-coming talent?

PMC Studios' Beyond the Trailer (owned by Movieline's parent company PMC) caught up with some early Snow White adopters at the AMC E-Walk today, and they told Grace Randolph they were there to see the Evil Queen — Charlize Theron. What's more: At least one woman says she actually saw the film despite K-Stew.

Also: Props to the older lady at 3:50 dropping truth bombs about dead ugly people, who wants to buy presents for Hemsworth's children (even though they'd most certainly be impossibly beautiful Hems-spawn, but whatevs).

Surprised at all the Charlize love? Agree with the consensus that KStew's performance pales in comparison to Theron's near-camp extravaganza? Or are you REALLY in it just to see Hemsworth swing that axe around a forest?

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  • E says:

    Wow, this is kind of a dumb article. So some people were interviewed walking into one theater and suddenly they speak for the entire movie going population? Don't get me wrong, I'm seeing it for Charlize too...but this is still shoddy journalism.

  • dukeroberts says:

    Kristen Stewart is so blah. She's mildly attractive when she smiles, but that NEVER happens.

  • Cindy says:

    Totally agee with E, this article is dumd. Why dont you do a poll instead and get the bigger picture? I love Charlize but I am seeung it for Kristen & Chris! Earlyindication for SWATH exceeds expertation and all this will comfirm that these two are the biggest rising stars!
    I am not a fan of Charlize beforeSWATH but begin tolpke her after watching her interact with Kristen, you may want to think about that before speewing your hatred.

  • Nolachef says:

    KS can't act... this being said by my daughter who is the age group targeted by the Twilight series.. The entire family is going because the concept is great.

    • LittleMo says:

      And when your daughter says something you think is dead wrong will you still swear by her opinion? Twilight isnt' targeted to any specific age group. I'm 56 and took my niece and grand-nieces to a meet-and-greet with Peter F who plays Carilisle. There were fans from my grand-niece's age (3) all the way to a 96-year-old great-great-grandmother who came in a wheelchair. Twilight spans generations.

  • melissa says:

    Really? All Kristen fans support this movie

  • Hiro says:

    This is pretty weak. It feels more like an attempt to pitch a brand owned by the same parent company. At least you admitted to it, though. Some sites promote their parent company's brands and products without revealing any corporate connection.

  • I think obviously because Kristen stewart is young the movie will draw young women. However, I also think the story of snow white is so popular that it will probably draw older women too. I think the so called journalism here is pretty bad. Why not just do a poll?

    • Scanny says:

      They won't do a poll, because the Stewart fans will turn out in droves and support her, much as they did with this film. Theron's never opened a film in life. But nice way to get your digs in at Stewart. Lame.

  • nina says:

    charlize makes a delicious villain, she's been showcased inb the promotions, of course she will be a draw. What people don't get about Kristen Stewart though is that she's a very polarizing figure with twihards, mainly due to some sparkley guy who may or may not sleep in her bed. While I think she can be a draw with young women, she is not necessarily going to draw in twihards who have spent years snuggling up to their life sized edward cullen pillow, only to have their dreams shattered by some petite tomboy who weighs less than they did at the age of 12 and says f bombs a lot.

  • carlie says:

    I did not like Twilight, but I adored Kristen in the runaways. I grew up listening to joan jett and she pegged her perfectly. The notion of casting someone modern and non--frilly like Kristen for Snow White is what interested me, as well as charlize as an evil queen is perfect. I went to a screening yesterday with my 13 year old boy and 9 year old daughter and three of her friends, and all the kids liked it. I liked it, but wished they had a tighter script to develop the story better. Overall, enjoyable though.

  • Morgan says:

    Charlize is the main draw for me too. I'm not a loyal fan but I loved Young Adult so much and I literally cannot wait to see Prometheus (I've scammed my way into an advance preview tomorrow) Also I see her face everywhere for her modelling jobs, so it's no surprise to me that she's a main drawcard, even if some people don't seem to think she's a big star any more. Also the wicked Queen is always going to be the best role, right?

  • Ngs says:

    I went to see Kristen Stewart as Snow White and I wasn't disappointed. She was great in the movie and so so beautiful. Listening to people talking around me in theater and while in line, she was definitely the main draw. Charlize and Chris were great too. Can't wait to see again

  • Obviously the Evil Queen is a meatier role. ANYONE could have played the character and automatically held in high regard. Funny that people are desperately trying to downplay Kristen's ability to open a mainstream movie.

    Also, I don't get why the studio was underselling Chris Hemsworth. The title of the movie is "Snow White & the HUNTSMAN" after all. I think he would have been a big draw for the female audience as well. And it's weird the campaign seems to focus on the older crowd i.e. people who would rely on reviews for their movie choices.

  • Vicky says:

    Charlize of course. Even the studio felt so, her performance is so commanding. That's why you hire an Oscar winning actress!

  • Kate says:

    I don't think this is suprising, all the ads I've seen center around Charlize. I think the average moviegoer is seeing this for the action and fairy tale story, but Charlize is an Oscar winning actress and her role is the most interesting.

  • Brieftaube says:

    Of course I will go see the movie because of Charlize Theron, that was clear from the beginning. Way too few movies out with her. It wouldn't have come to my mind to go see it for Stewart. There is no comparison, really, regarding "who is the fairest". Stewart is no woman yet, Theron is a true beauty and plays Stewart against the wall with one wink. Nothing against Stewart, though, in her other roles, she is trying. But she looks the same whatever she plays (except Joan Jett was kind of cool). So sure - I am also looking forward to seeing the Evil Queen. By the way - Julia Roberts was a blast in "Mirror Mirror" too. THAT would have been something, pairing those two!

  • Esperazna says:

    Kristen Stewart was awesome!!

  • Vicky & Kate - how OLD are you?

    The Oscars has not factored into anything in the 21st century.

  • M says:

    truth is if they took out Snow White and made it into Evil Queen vs Huntsman... that would have made for a better movie. Chris had some really good moments in the film but not enough and the screenplay was pretty rubbish.

  • jojo says:

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  • kelden says:

    Whoever went to see this film, it sure wasn't men.

    And it wasn't for lack of trying, either.

    One thing I noticed with the male-focused advertising for this movie - it went out of its way to play up Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, and the action scenes in a way reminiscent of LOTR. You saw Kristen Stewart for all of a half-second, at most. Seems like the marketers of this movie realize that she's box-office poison for the male demographic. That's what being in Twilight gets you, people. Well, that and a complete inability to act.

    • LittleMo says:

      The only peopel who seem to think so are a very small minority. Kristen's cast-mates, directors, etc. have nothing but high praise for her talent, work ethic and KS as a person. She has shown far more grace to everyone else than has been shown to her so it's kind of obvious who has class and who doesn't. Hunger Games is nothing but a violent movie with the violence of kids killing other kids being the draw. Harry Potter is about kids learning to become witches and wizards so they can fight a scaley-faced villian with no nose. Special effects and blood-lust don't make a movie. Twilgiht has a better story.

  • Universal emphasized the darker tones and action scenes in the trailers to set the movie apart from "Mirror, Mirror" and thus entice men to see the movie. They also changed the title to give it a bit of a macho boost.

    So the strategy has absolutely nothing to do with Kristen. She's actually in the trailers as much as Charlize. As expected, anti-Kristen weirdos have been looking at the trailers through their buttholes.

  • LittleMo says:

    At 56 I'm an older Twilight fan and very proud to say that. Kristen is marvelous in those movies and,frankly, I saw SWATH because of her and I was not disappointed. People just don't get that Twilgiht is about a shy, awkward teenage girl who comes into her own and then, at lightening speed,grows into an engaged graduate to a bride to a wife to a mother and finally to someone who is the savior or her entire extended family. Charlize is pretty but she is cookie-cutter Barbie and Kristen and Chris rightfully carry this movie.

  • Jessica says:

    I think dukerobert should shut the fuck up i think Kristin Stewart did an outstanding job she really has found a part to make her acting skills shine... oh and who dosent think charlie is gorgeous as well in all aspects.