On the Road Clips: Kristen Stewart Drives, Kirsten Dunst Dances in First Extended Glimpses

Kristen Stewart On the Road

I know, I know — to paraphrase a popular rejoinder to the overexposed, "How can I ever anticipate On the Road if it won't go away?" Nevertheless, consider the two new clips released by IFC Films as complements to Brian's coverage from Cannes, where the long-awaited Jack Kerouac adaptation premiered this morning.

Via our video-devouring partners at ENTV, take a few minutes to enjoy Kristen Stewart's aborted front-seat handy, Kirsten Dunst's sweet Colorado slow-dance and Movieline favorite Sam Riley as the beneficiary of both. And if That's not enough, hop over to our just-refreshed Cannes 2012 photo gallery for red-carpet pics.

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