Men in Black 3 Ice Cream Offers the Sophie's Choice of Merchandising Tie-Ins

MIB Ice Cream

In the of chance you survived the tsunami of Avengers tie-ins, sample some of this evil marketing genius from Baskin-Robbins: "Pink Surprise Cake - Straight out of one of the most pivotal scenes in Men In Black 3, the Pink Surprise Cake is a delicious triple layer ice cream cake made of Oreo® Cookies 'n Cream ice cream sandwiched between two layers of Devil's Food Cake and adorned with pink frosting roses. This custom cake is sure to capture the imaginations of ice cream lovers and 'MIBelievers' alike! Lunar Cheesecake Flavor of the Month - Lunar Cheesecake is making its way back into Baskin-Robbins shops as the May Flavor of the Month to celebrate the time traveling theme of Men In Black 3! Originally introduced in 1969 to commemorate the first spaceflight to land on the moon, this classic flavor features green and white cheesecake ice cream loaded with cheesecake bits and wrapped up in a crunchy graham cracker ribbon." [PR Newswire]