Chained to NC-17: Watch the Trailer for the Latest Movie to Earn the MPAA Kiss of Death

Chained Trailer

Filmmaker Jennifer Lynch knows a thing or two about battling the MPAA — her 1993 debut Boxing Helena earned the ratings board's dreaded NC-17 for its sexualized violence and general depravity — and so it seems just like old times that her latest effort, Chained, faces the same fate for "some explicit violence." But wait: Isn't violence supposed to fly with the ratings board while sex gets the adults-only rating? What gives? Actually, look no further than the film's NSFW trailer for your answer.

On the one hand, I wouldn't put it past distributor Anchor Bay to pull a Harvey special and exploit Chained's Vincent D'Onofrio serial-killing kidnapper menace for maximum ratings "controversy." On the other, publicity stunts aside, this just looks... heinous:

Anyway, no release date has been set, and Anchor Bay can always turn around and release the film unrated, which is basically regarded the same as an NC-17 by skittish mainstream theaters, so for now it's just a conversation piece with straight-to-video written all over it. Interested?