Hmm, Where Have We Seen Will Smith's Men in Black 3 Monocycle Before?

Men In Black 3 Monocycle

Sony has debuted a new chase scene from their upcoming sci-fi sequel Men in Black III, in which Will Smith and Josh Brolin (playing the young Tommy Lee Jones) hop onto a pair of newfangled high-tech monocycles to chase some alien perps. But where have we seen these super-speedy circular vehicles before? Mr. Garrison, take "It" away...

First, the men in black in their space-age cycles (via Yahoo):

"Do you have these in the future?" teases Brolin's Agent K. "No," the Fresh Prince responds.

Well actually, in the year 2001 an enterprising Coloroadan named Mr. Garrison, fed up with airport security lines, invented such a contraption...

Yep. Flexi-grips. The vehicle of the future! Er, or the past. Whatever.

Men in Black III cycles into theaters May 25.


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