Three Stooges Medical Spoof Prescribes 'Stoogesta,' Or Maybe Just Don't Watch The Movie

I can picture the lightbulb that went off the day someone in marketing came up with the idea of a viral goof on a medical ad for April 13's The Three Stooges: 'It's like a disease, only moviegoers won't want the cure!' Actually, I'd kill for an anti-"Stoogation" remedy that'd make the Farrelly Bros.' upcoming re-imagining seem remotely palatable. I'm hoping the entire campaign has simply misrepresented what will turn out to be the comic discovery of the year after this painfully nonsensical ad for "Stoogesta."

"Three in six billion people are afflicted by Stoogation," begins a calmly monotone voice-over, framing "Stoogation" as a terrible condition exemplified by Larry, Curly, and Moe's idiotic antics. To counteract this insidious disease, the ad suggests taking "Stoogesta." But wait!

"Stoogesta is not for everyone. Side effects may include impaired vision, headaches, redness of the cheeks and forehead, intestinal issues, cross-dressing, and general freak-outs...Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing."

So, wait. By this logic, we should all immunize ourselves against Stoogation by taking Stoogesta, right? But if the side effects of avoiding Stoogation then lead to Stooge-esque behavior, thus turning us into Stooges, WHAT IS THE POINT?? Are we all destined to become Stooge-like zombies who've given up on life? Like Sean Hayes?

All these logical thought-circles have exhausted my brain juice to the point that now I'm entertaining the possibility that this Stoogesta ad is actually brilliant and not dumb, somehow. Hell, maybe I'll go see The Three Stooges after all. Help me, someone.