'Boil Japan': Watch Yoda Shill for Instant Noodles in Japanese Commercial

boiljapan.jpg"Believe in your own power, you must." Words of wisdom from Star Wars guru Yoda have finally found their true purpose: Instructing a nation of instant noodle-eaters to activate their inborn power... to boil water! Seriously. You thought Vader's "Nooooo!" was blasphemous? Where's your god now, nerds?

To be fair, I'm sure the whole of Star Wars fandom has done its part to keep the instant ramen industry alive through the generations. And the Japanese love Star Wars. Maybe Yoda and noodles were always two great tastes that taste great together?

I'll admit, I understand the Nissin marketing team's choice of tagline even less: "Boil Japan." Boil Japan? I hardly know Japan! (groan)

Anyways, sure. Eat some Cup Noodles while wearing your new Tauntaun Nikes or whatever. George Lucas will really sign off on anything, won't he?


[via @MartiniShark]


  • Cameron says:

    Wow, looks like they've improved the Yoda 3D model since Revenge of the Sith. The eyes in particular are starting to look more alive all the time.

  • casting couch says:

    And yet it possesses none of the charm or character of the puppet used in TESB and ROTJ.
    George Lucas is shameless.

  • Martini Shark says:

    "Hypertension from sodium abuse, yes. Save food money for beer, you must."