John Travolta's Gotti Mob Biopic Indefinitely Postponed

JohnTravolta300.jpgLooks like John Travolta may not get the chance to prove that he's man enough to play John Gotti Sr. in the upcoming crime-boss biopic from Barry Levinson. Showbiz 411 reports that the project, Gotti: In The Shadow Of My Father has been indefinitely postponed now that production company Fiore Films has run out of funds. Al Pacino, Ben Foster and Kelly Preston had also been cast in the film. Click ahead for more Buzz Break.


· Bad news, Harry Potter fans who were hoping to adopt adorable cast member Berry, who played Padfoot in Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban: the rescue shelter has determined that he is too famous to adopt at this time. Reports TMZ, "the rescue is worried someone will adopt Berry just for his star power -- not for his companionship." I mean, yeah. [TMZ]

· Aaron Eckhart will star in Lionsgate's modern-day epic I, Frankenstein, not to be confused with the Frankenstein projects at Fox, Summit and Sam Raimi's Ghost House Productions. [Deadline]

· Jena Malone has been cast as Carson McCullers in Lonely Hunter, a biopic of the Southern Gothic writer, from Hounddog filmmaker Deborah Kampmeier. [THR]

· If you're in the Brooklyn area this weekend, stop by Spike Lee's pop-up store, where you can purchase all kinds of new and old 40 Acres gear. Cash only! []


  • AS says:

    Oh just cancel the damn thing already! It sounds worse than a grindhouse flick from the 70's. Its even got Al Pacino in it going against type by playing a gangster. All it needs is Robert De Niro playing an NYPD cop and it'll be a masterwork of cinematic brilliance.