Never Say Never: 9 Reasons It's OK to Admit You Have Bieber Fever

bieberstache.jpgIt's time to face facts: Justin Bieber is the future. You may have resisted his viral ascent to YouTube glory, or rebuffed those confection-like hit singles as they attempted to infect your brain, but this week, as his biopic-rockumentary Never Say Never hits screens nationwide -- yes, documenting all 16 drama-filled years of this pop icon's life -- we will all fall prey to the epidemic of adorbs. Here's why you should just sit back and succumb to the Bieber Fever.

1. He's a dreamy, angel-voiced moppet sent from heaven to unite the nation.

As evidenced by the behind-the-scenes footage director Jon M. Chu captures in Never Say Never, the Biebs is a man-boy of faith -- a fact not lost on marketing and PR folk. But while conspicuous, it doesn't feel phony; the Bieber machine is selling a chaste dreamboat fantasy, and if that's the happy medium that brings liberal-leaning hip-hop stylings to the red states, so be it. (He's already infiltrated the White House. It's only a matter of time before we pledge allegiance to President Bieber.)

2. And on that note: The Biebs has more Twitter followers than Jesus.

They don't call them Beliebers for nothing. JB's official Twitter account -- which, Never Say Never reveals, he used to reach out to his fans while lonely and on the road -- boasts over 7M followers. @Jesus has a paltry 267K by comparison. But then again, his account isn't verified.

3. Even Kanye says Bieber's nuthin ta f*ck wit.

The sweet vocal stylings of Justin Bieber's "Runaway Love" meet Wu-Tang in this Kanye West remix. Good luck trying to get this one out of your head.

4. He's undeniably talented.

Haters gonna hate, but Bieber's musical talents are hard to ignore. Between home videos of a pint-sized Bieber wailing on a drum kit, singing impromptu a-capella runs, and busking on the streets of Canada with just his guitar and a dream, he puts most other teen pop stars to shame. Also: He can do the Dougie, doesn't need to lip-synch, AND he could probably remember all the words to the Star Spangled Banner even though he's Canadian. Bieber 1, Aguilera 0.

5. His favorite color is purple.

Just like Prince!

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  • Andrew says:

    Hey Jen, isn't it kind of pervy for you to be crushing on Bieber?
    I get why the 12-14 year olds are all a-twitter over him, but you sound like a dude in a van with tinted out windows and a bag of candy waiting outside a school for the dismissal bell.

  • Jen Yamato says:

    Andrew, you've got it all wrong. My love is a chaste love.

  • Ben says: hit right on. I'm a 34 year old man and I love the Beiber, not because I'm pervy, but because he has one of the sweetest singing voices I have ever heard. Real talent. Can't wait to see how his artistry matures.

  • john moore says:

    this kid has got to go!

  • Andrew says:

    Then what's the chloroform for, Jen?

  • Jen Yamato says:

    Ben: Don't stop Beliebing.

  • mallory says:

    I have Bieber fever so bad I just broke the world record! Justin Bieber, if you're out there reading this, I just wanted to say I love you and thank you so much for your dedication to all your fans and all the hard work you went through to be where you are now. and can you please friend mallory bell naples florida on facebook! thanks!( thats my friend... we have the same name... lol! Bye! and...I will NEVER SAY NEVER! I have the same dream as you once did and i am going to follow it because of you! I LOVE YOU!

  • Mallory says:

    john moore doesnt know what hes talking about... dont listen to them haters out there cause there gunna try and bring you down but just keep youre head held high! love ya!

  • Macy Bieber says:

    Oh my god! I have always been a Justin Bieber fan (: I will always remember you 🙂 I saw the movie and it was AMAZING! 😀 My sister used to hate you now she loves you. Your songs mean alot to me. And if your single...... text me (: 9412959343 & add me on facebook. Macy bell (: Naples girly (: and text my sister 2398259288. But .... I love you more than she does :p My dream is to meet you someday in my life.and that will always be my dream , your amazing! and super adorablee