Movieline's 15 Favorite Videos of 2009

If future archivists want to get a sense of just what kind of crazy year 2009 was, they could do worse than to start with this post. Over the next few pages, Movieline has posted its 15 favorite entertainment-related videos of the year. Click through, press play, and take a trip down a very bonkers memory lane.

An Inventory of Illicit Acts Committed By Two Drunken Ewoks on Today

They came. They saw. They threw things at Ann Curry. In just a couple of anarchic Halloween minutes on the Today Show, two drunken Ewoks managed to generate more entertainment value than the entire Star Wars prequel trilogy. The force is with them.

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  • I bet those great questions and the shirtless man have nothing to do with his decision to stop doing press conferences. None what so ever.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    You know, if Marilyn Monroe were alive today and wasn't famous that so would have been a cellphone vid she would have posted on her youtube site...

  • I think that Marilyn Monroe was killed, but am not really sure, everyone says that she was happy just hours before her death, but we all know that she has been depressed and suicidal before,