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TRIBECA: 'The King Of Comedy' Q&A Reveals Sandra Bernhard & Jerry Lewis Still Irk Each Other

attends "The King of Comedy" Closing Night Screening Gala during the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival on April 27, 2013 in New York City.

The website for the Tribeca Film Festival has finally put up video from the Q&A session that followed its closing-night presentation of The King of Comedy, but, alas, it's just an excerpt.  I was hoping that the discussion — which included the film's director Martin Scorsese and its stars, Robert De Niro, venerable comedian and filmmaker Jerry Lewis and (briefly, via pre-taped video) Sandra Bernhard — would run in its entirety, because, even after 30 years, the creative tensions that contributed to the film's greatness were still evident.  more »

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INTERVIEW: Sandra Bernhard Says 'It's Too Late' To Remake 'The King of Comedy'

INTERVIEW: Sandra Bernhard Says 'It's Too Late' To Remake 'The King of Comedy'

A longstanding gig will keep Sandra Bernhard from attending the Tribeca Film Festival's closing-night screening of The King of Comedy on April 27, but it's not like she needs her memory jogged. The comedienne recalls that making Martin Scorsese's prescient and oh-so-dark 1982 comedy about a deluded stand-up comic (Robert De Niro) who kidnaps his favorite talk-show host (Jerry Lewis), was a "coming-of-age experience that left me a changed person." more »