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Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Blasts The Lorax for Pushing Left Wing Agenda and Creating 'Occu-Toddlers'

The Lorax (2012)

With Universal's colorful animated tale The Lorax, "the President's liberal friends in Hollywood [are] targeting a younger demographic using animated movies to sell their agenda to children," claimed an outraged Lou Dobbs this week on Fox Business Network. Animated movies! A liberal agenda! HOW DARE THEY. What's to blame for allowing this "insidious nonsense" into the vulnerable minds of our nation's youth? Bad parenting, of course. As conservative radio host Matt Patrick bellowed from the commentator pit, "We are creating Occu-toddlers!"
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WATCH: Fox News Accuses The Muppets of Brainwashing Children with Liberal Agenda

If this isn't a good reason to go support The Muppets in its post-opening weekend theatrical run, I don't know what is: Watch as a Fox News anchor and two right-wing pundit accuse Disney's The Muppets of brainwashing children with its anti-capitalist message. Then rejoice as Professor Caroline Heldman of Occidental College drops science and keeps her cool in defense of the Muppets, President Obama, and reasonable thinking in general.

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