Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Blasts The Lorax for Pushing Left Wing Agenda and Creating 'Occu-Toddlers'

With Universal's colorful animated tale The Lorax, "the President's liberal friends in Hollywood [are] targeting a younger demographic using animated movies to sell their agenda to children," claimed an outraged Lou Dobbs this week on Fox Business Network. Animated movies! A liberal agenda! HOW DARE THEY. What's to blame for allowing this "insidious nonsense" into the vulnerable minds of our nation's youth? Bad parenting, of course. As conservative radio host Matt Patrick bellowed from the commentator pit, "We are creating Occu-toddlers!"

In the classic Seuss story -- adapted into a 3-D animated adventure that hits screens next week -- a magical creature called The Lorax attempts to intervene as an industrialist, driven by greed, ravages an entire ecosystem. This would seem to make The Lorax even more "dangerous" than previous Fox News target The Muppets, which took as its villain a much broader and clearly unlikeable capitalist; The Lorax is designed to show viewers how much they potentially have in common with the unwitting forest-killer The Once-ler, which is why it's so powerful to begin with.

My favorite part of this insanity is when Patrick advocates intentional littering in movie theaters as a means of protest against the Obama-led agenda espoused by The Lorax (and the Studio Ghibli animated pic The Secret World of Arriety, which could lead youngsters down the slippery slope of sharing things). Throwing popcorn buckets on the ground would fly in the face of everything Dr. Seuss's anti-deforestation, pro-environment tale stands for, but it would also make you look ridiculous in front of your own children. I think the Lorax's face above says it all.

Bring on the Occu-toddlers!

The Lorax hits theaters on March 2.

[Media Matters via The Film Stage]


  • j'accuse! says:

    This is why I only watch 24, Leave It To Beaver and The Andy Griffith Show. No risk of having my easily persuaded brain altered by those shows, save for wholesome virtues of Jack Bauer, America and Aunt Bee's apple pie.

  • Peter Saxe says:

    "The Lorax" was first published in 1971, and has been read by millions and millions of parents and children worldwide. In 1972, there was an animated TV version, that has been available for years... Now, there is a new movie version coming out, and Fox News suddenly decides that "The Lorax," a 40 year old book, is part of the liberal agenda against big business? PLEASE!

    • KevyB says:

      The hilarious thing is I've been wondering WHY we haven't heard this nonsense yet. Frankly, I think we should cut down all trees and then we can watch these morons try to explain how unimportant they are as they are gasping for oxygen.

  • Hiro says:

    For Lou Dobbs, Fox and almost all Republicans and brainwashed conservatives, anything that's not conservative and perfectly in line with their ways of thinking, is "liberal" to them.

    Either you side with them, or you're a liberal.

    It's just like their "Either you're with us, or you're a terrorist" mentality.

  • steve says:

    when are the hard right gonna have their own movies,, the empire strikes back and 1984 were good but depressing,, maybe they need to make happier ones where their minions are happy and not resentful of being unequal... but then who would watch it?

  • glue says:

    Where's your movie, Lou?

  • David Ogletree says:

    Seriously? This is a remake of a beloved cartoon when some of us were kids a long time ago. Obama has nothing to do with it. This is nothing new. There have been liberal movies teaching kids this stuff for years. Under republican presidents. There have also been a ton of Christian movies. I guess Christians think that only Christian things should be made. Lou Dobbs is a moron.

  • Jack says:

    Lol Lou Dobbs went to Fox News? That makes all sorts of sense. He's crazy and I never liked him. He belongs there.

  • Art says:

    One question to right-wingers from a moderate... What is exactly wrong with teaching kids to be environmentally responsible? If you believe in God, as all right-wingers do, wouldn't you also believe that your God wants you to respect and care for his earth and not trash it at will to satisfy your excessive impulses? We should all care about the earth since none of us 'own' it, we are just short-term tenants here.

  • Bill says:

    Lou Dobbs is a clown.

  • Laura says:

    Dear gentleman who believed that throwing crap on a theatre floor is 'fighting back' against the 'liberal agenda.' You are sorely mistaken. Your actions impact ONLY those who are forced to clean up your mess which does not include anyone who had ANY sort of say in the propogation of this message you believe is being broadcast to the American public. You are NOT fighting back and you are NOT making any kind of statement other than 'I am a jerk who disregards common courtesy because I feel I am entitled to.' Congradulations, you can piss on a peon. If you want to affect change talk to someone in power. Anything less is simply your making yourself feel better by bullying an individual who has committed no crime but that of being employed in a crap job for crap pay. In the famous words of Willy Wonka, 'You lose! Good day, sir!'