WATCH: Fox News Accuses The Muppets of Brainwashing Children with Liberal Agenda

If this isn't a good reason to go support The Muppets in its post-opening weekend theatrical run, I don't know what is: Watch as a Fox News anchor and two right-wing pundit accuse Disney's The Muppets of brainwashing children with its anti-capitalist message. Then rejoice as Professor Caroline Heldman of Occidental College drops science and keeps her cool in defense of the Muppets, President Obama, and reasonable thinking in general.

It's hard to choose the single most vile sound bite uttered by the trio of Follow the Money host Eric Bolling, The Five's Andrea Tantaros, and the Media Research Center's Dan Gainor, but my vote is with Bolling. "Maybe they should have a hungry Muppet -- a Food Stamp Muppet -- and the evil person be Obama!" he squawks.

Heldman, a politics professor, is hilariously cut off by her preening host every time she delivers a reasoned smack down in defense of the film. Warning: Watching the video may lead to high blood pressure and numerous face palms. Muppets marketing team, here's your next target.

(Thanks to Media Matters via Next Movie for the heads up.)


  • The Pope says:

    You're right. I almost blooded my own nose with my palm.
    Damn you liberal Hollywooders corrupting our children!

  • manofbeef says:

    are fox news (and the mass media of television at large) trying to brainwash the entire world FOR capitalism??
    and have they been doing it for the past, like, forever?

  • Justin says:

    Whenever I need a good laugh, I can always count on Fox News.

  • Joe says:

    and the bighollywood plankton will be posting an inane rebuttal here in 3.. 2.. 1..

  • joe says:

    Here i come trolling down the street get the funniest looks from every dem i meet. Isn't the problem really just hack writting? How about they needed the land for a wind farm and Jed Kennemy was the evil shill.

  • robotbutler says:

    Yes, Hollywood hates corporate America, of course. 1 out of 10 movies isn't 90 minutes of product placement so clearly a conspiracy is afoot!