WATCH: Aubrey Plaza's 'To Do List' Video Channels Seminal Food Culture Moment

Aubrey Plaza The To Do List

If Aubrey Plaza is looking to redeem herself  after Sunday's half-assed ploy for attention at the MTV Movie Awards, she and the producers of her big summer movie, The To Do List, should pack up the video clip they debuted during the show (posted below) and head to California's Bay Area where, not surprisingly, the next regrettable trend in food culture is evolving: semen cocktails.

semenologyAs SFWeekly reported (via The Huffington Post), there's a new book out by "semen-cooking enthusiast" Paul "Fotie" Photenhauer called Semenology: The Semen Bartender's Handbook, which provides a tutorial in the preparation of seminal-fluid laced cocktails such as the "Macho Mojito,"  the "Watermelon Gin Jizz" and the "Galliano Cum Shot" — no word on whether that requires the participation of controversial fashion designer John Galliano or merely a shot or two of the sweet yellow Italian liqueur.

Watching The To Do List clip that premiered exclusively on Sunday's awards show, I sensed an opportunity. The huckster in me sees Plaza and the movie's marketing team generating some real attention by targeting semen foodies with a daring tie-in:  a straight-up organic pineapple-juice-infused body shot, so to speak, based on the premise of this clip.







Plaza's Pineapple Cocktail

Have Plaza preside over a demonstration/photo op at San Francisco's most cutting-edge bar and, let me tell you, no one will remember last Sunday.  Will Ferrell might even be impressed. I hear he likes his margaritas salty.

Aubrey's Not-So-Epic Fail

Will Ferrell Responds:

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