Warner To Announce New DC Superhero Movies (And Remember Those Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rumors?)

New DC Superhero Movies

Faster than a speeding bullet!  More powerful than a public-relations crisis! It's....Superman?  After weeks of speculation about the fate of the Justice League movie and whether The Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan might ride to the rescue,  Warner Bros.Pictures Group President, Jeff Robinov harnessed the hotly anticipated release of its Man of Steel movie to reframe the future of DC superhero movies at the studio as a bright one.

Speaking exclusively to Time-Warner-owned Entertainment Weekly, which put the Zack Snyder-directed Superman film on the cover of its summer movie preview issue — well, they weren't going to feature Iron Man 3 —  Robinov noted that, unlike Nolan's Batman films, Man of Steel  will establish a world that can sustain other heroes and villains from the DC universe. “[Nolan’s] Batman was deliberately and smartly positioned as a stand-alone. The world they lived in was very isolated without any knowledge of any other superheroes," Robinov told EW. "What Zack and Chris have done with this film is allow you to really introduce other characters into the same world.”

New DC Superhero Movies Coming

Robinov also indicated that comic geeks would soon learn which characters he was referencing. "We’ll announce something in the next several weeks that will hopefully position the DC characters and the movies we’re going to be making,” he told the magazine.

Also noteworthy is the following passage in EW writer Anthony Breznican's piece:

When asked if The Dark Knight trilogy of films stands entirely alone, Robinov said: “They do. Or they did,” with a change of tense that should rouse the attention of fanboys everywhere. “Where we go in the future is a whole other conversation.”

However, Robinov was unequivocal when asked if the rumor is true that Nolan will produce a Justice League movie, and bring Christian Bale back with him: “No, no it’s not.” (Nolan’s reps, who have previously declined to comment on that rumor, also confirmed Robinov’s statement and told EW that he definitely wasn’t involved with Justice League. Nolan is currently busy prepping his sci-fi film Interstellar.)

Later in the piece, Breznican wrote this:

Might we get, you know … another person in the bat suit? (Sorry to be vague, but we’re avoiding spoilers for the sake of ultra-latecomers). That’s certainly possible — and much more likely if the studio does decide to backtrack and create crossover between the films.

I find it interesting that the status of Justice League was mostly avoided in the EW piece, except to note that Bale won't be in it and Nolan won't be producing it.  Whether or not Will Beall's script has been scrapped, as has been rumored for weeks now, the implication is that the movie is still alive. I could very well see Warner announcing it had found a director (and maybe a new screenwriter) for Justice League as part of that announcement Robinov promised. A Wonder Woman movie would also be just what the doctor ordered.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Batman?

As for Bale, I never thought he'd cross over into this new Warner DC phase that's in development, but Robinov's comments leave the door open for another actor playing Batman to exist in the new DC Metropolis that Snyder and Nolan have created.  To put The Dark Knight Rises star Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the role of Batman, as has been strenuously rumored and denied,  would be the perfect solution — one that would allow The Dark Knight trilogy to stand on its own and yet leave DC fans with the satisfaction that Warner's cinematic rendering of their favorite comic universe was beginning to resemble something more than just a handful of standalone movies.

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  • Andrew K says:

    Like the movies or not, Marvel Studios took careful steps (and pretty big risks) by linking all their movies together (in very small ways) to ultimately result in Avengers. Most importantly - they've all been cohesive. DC/Warner has shown nothing of the sort. if a Justice League movie ever gets off the ground, then it will probably be a big mess.

    The Marvel movies have been mostly bland and perfunctory, but none of them have been terrible. Warner, on the other hand, has Green Lantern. And Man of Steel isn't looking too hot. And no one seems to be able to make Wonder Woman relevant. It's great that they let Nolan do his own thing with Batman, but in the long run, it's not going to help JL's chances any.

  • Good point, although I don't agree with you re: Man of Steel. I like what I see so far.

  • Tom Ontis says:

    The last Superman movie was pretty meh. First mistake was makinghis cape, shorts and boots brown, pretty sacreligious to real Superman fans are concerned. Plus it rehashed too much. Hope this one is better, Looking forward to a good movie cycle.

  • A. Bernard Stanley says:

    Why not start a Batman Beyond series with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, give Batman a new and future movie look. How many times can we tell the Batman story, let's move on!!!!

    • I'm That Guy Really I am says:

      I actually didn't like the Idea of John Blake being Batman I was ok with a partner up, but not Batman and Nightwing belongs to Grayson and only Grayson, so I call John Blake's possible character NightBat.

  • Taylor Pettus says:

    Yeah, why does everyone have to start with the origin of the hero when most people (even those who don't read the comics) know how it all started. Pick up in the middle of their carreer. Introduce some awesome villians and other various characters that way and keep the wheels spinning!

  • Dunananana Batman says:

    Interesting info: Yesterday, I was driving past a local mechanic that I use and lo and behold -They were doing something to a new batmobile.
    I asked my friend, who's a reputable source, and she said that the batmobile was designed and built by someone here in Melbourne, FL., and when they mechanic is done, it's being put on a plane to fly out to wherever.
    I'm going to see if I can go talk to the mechanic on Monday to see what kind of detail I can get. Hopefully they took some pictures while they had it.

  • broman says:

    Shut up nobody cares about your stupid batmobile and mechanic shit

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      Broman leave him alone maybe there working on a new type of Batmobile for a new Batman.. You never know we all just have to be patient..
      P.S if its another reeboot i'm going to jump of a cliff