Me-Yowza! Cats Make Revolting Scenes From 'Hemlock Grove' & 'Alien' Less Scary

Hemlock Grove Werewolf

Hey, what's with cats and horror?  By the end of the day, everyone in your office will be talking about the eye-popping (literally) werewolf-transformation scene from the Eli Roth-produced Netflix series Hemlock Grove. If you haven't seen it, I've posted it below.  Just make sure you've digested your lunch and that your boss isn't watching. It's that graphic.  

The Werewolf & The Cat

Once you have watched it, ask yourself two questions:  1) Is this a one-way transformation?  It sure looks like one. Or at some point do we get to see an equally grotesque wolf-to-human transformation. Now that would be novel.

And 2) What purpose does the cat serve in this clip?  Does it somehow help to soften the horror to come?  If that's the intent, then perhaps the cat should have gotten its cameo after the wide-eyed guy who watches the transformation drops the f-bomb. Watch this tweak of the classic chestburster scene from Alien to see how a little cat humor can take the edge off a really tense situation.

The Purr-fect Alien

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