Attack Of The Killer DD Cups: Sofia Vergara Dons Machine-Gun Bra For 'Machete Kills' Poster

Sofia Vergara Bra

It's quite a day for outlandish costume design. First Lionsgate releases a bunch of posters featuring cast members from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire dressed in some memorable outfits, and now, well, filmmaker Robert Rodriguez has trumped them with a single image.  The El Mariachi director gave an exclusive character poster from his upcoming Machete Kills movie that depicts Modern Family star Sofia Vergara wearing one helluva lethal bra.

Vergara plays Lady Desdemona in this sequel to Rodriguez's blood-soaked 2010 picture Machete. According to EW, the follow-up, which hits theaters in September "revisits the title character, Machete Cortez, (Danny Trejo) a dangerous, hard-luck anti-hero. This time the U.S. government (led by Charlie Sheen in the Oval Office) recruits Machete to battle his way through his native Mexico to topple an arms dealer who wants to rain destruction on the U.S. with a orbital weapon."

It's worth noting that the cast includes Lady Gaga, who appeared on a recent cover of Rolling Stone in a similar Fem-bot-style bra.  Wonder who got the idea from whom?

Sofia Vergara Machine Gun Bra

Sofia Vergara Bra


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