Psst, Beyoncé....Here's How You Can Make 'War Witch' Star Rachel Mwanza's Oscar Weekend

Beyonce Rachel Mwanza War Witch

If Beyoncé plans to take part in the Oscar festivities this weekend, then her people should reach out to the producers of War Witch. As I wrote yesterday, 16-year-old Rachel Mwanza, who gives a remarkable first-time acting performance in the movie  has been granted a visa to attend the Oscars. And her big dream is to meet Sasha Fierce during her trip to the United States.

War Witch Producer, Marie-Claude Poulin, told the Los Angeles Times that the filmmakers are trying to arrange for the young actress — who was homeless on the streets of Kinshasha when she was cast — meet Beyoncé, her "ultimate idol."

"That's all she talks about," Poulin said. "The only English words she knows are Beyonce and Rihanna songs."

I've contacted Beyonce's spokeswoman and a representative for the film to see if there's been any movement on that meeting happening. I'll update if I receive any word.

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