WATCH: Jodie Foster Wins The Golden Globes With Her 'Coming Out' Speech

Jodie Foster Speech Golden Globes

"I'm... single," teased Jodie Foster Sunday night as she accepted the Golden Globes' Cecil B. Demille award, before launching into the most riveting, daring, and yes, often random speeches of the night. What seemed to begin as a coming out speech touched on celebrity culture, privacy, Honey Boo Boo, Mel Gibson, her ex-partner Cydney Bernard and their children, and had some speculating she was talking retirement (a suggestion she refuted backstage).

Watch Foster's speech below and hit our Golden Globes coverage for more photos and memorable moments from Sunday night.


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  • vulpes82 says:

    I'm still so ambivalent about this speech. It was incredibly brave and touching in parts, but also weird, rambling, and infuriating in others.

    There is nothing I like less than celebrities complaining about privacy. And the middle in particular engaged in one of the arguments I accept least with regards to the "glass closet" of prominent people, that "Well STRAIGHT people don't have to have a press conference about their sexuality, so why should I? I'm out to the important people and that's all that matters!" argument. It totally misses the point, on several levels. One, that straight people don't have press conferences about their sexuality because THEIR SEXUALITY IS ALREADY ASSUMED! They have nothing to "reveal"! Two, right or wrong, celebrities coming out publicly is important to the millions who still are afraid and alone with their sexuality. Three, she didn't actually have to have a parade to announce her sexuality. No one was actually asking for that. They just wanted a CLEAR, honest statement from her.

    • nasen75 says:

      I have to agree with you here. It was very brave with regard to things like her personal life, but I wish the whole speech was a little bit shorter.