Museum To Fete Martin Scorsese In Retrospective

130109_ScorseseMartin Scorsese fans in America will have to take a trip to Germany to get a glimpse of Scorsese artifacts and history first-hand. A Berlin Museum will host an exhibition of all things Scorsese, opening the show just weeks before next month's 63rd Berlin International Film Festival.

The show by the Museum of Film and Television is being billed by organizers as the first exhibition worldwide dedicated to the work of the veteran filmmaker, who shared his belongings for the show. Notable items such as Robert De Niro's blood-soaked shirt from Cape Fear and worn boxing gloves from Raging Bull are part of the Museum's exhibition of Scorsese's half-century career in film.

Some of the objects you will see have literally been taken off the walls of my house and my office," said Scorsese, who also narrates the show's audio guide, according to The Telegraph. "I hope these objects and the exhibition... help give you an idea or convey my lifelong passion for film."

Scorsese did not attend the gala opening at the Berlin institution because he's currently editing The Wolf of Wall Street, his fifth film starring Leonard DiCaprio. October's Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast delayed production of the film.

The exhibit also features letters between De Niro and Scorsese about developing characters and sharing sand-drawn storyboards for such films as Taxi Driver and Mean Streets. The show is divided into three parts with one focusing on the filmmaker's home in the Little Italy neighborhood in Manhattan/ The second delves into Scorsese's passion as a curator of cinema history and restoration, while the final section spotlights his aesthetic in his feature films and music documentaries.

"The one bit of direction he gave us for the exhibition was not to focus too much on violence because his work is often reduced to that," said co-curator Nils Warnecke. "And it's true - if you look at the entire body of work, it really represents only a minority of the films."

The exhibit continues in the German capital through May 12 when it will head to Turin and Geneva.

[Source: The Telegraph]