• I dont even remember seeing a advertsement for it on TV before it came out and Ive always loved Christian Slater

  • Mary says:

    I actually saw this movie online and thought it was quite good... interesting storyline, dark and cerebral. We Love you Christian!

  • jjean3229 says:

    It is not the actor faut the movie only open in 1 screen with no promotion, how's thye fan going to know about the movie if it open without any promotion? I never heard of this film untill today.

    • Jim says:

      Yes. I agree. To bad though that's what happens when no ads for it come out and 1 movie location. Not his fault its the investors not wanting to spend anymore $ . He will find the right role again like they all do.

  • Lucky says:

    looks like its a better movie then that paranormal movie the only good parts in that crap was what the showed before it hit the heater. Long as people keep paying they will keep bringing out a part 3 4 5 - 10.

  • Leta says:

    I have not heard of this movie. I want to see it now. I like Christian Slater, it should have been better promoted.

  • Well being a Christian Slater fan I'm going to see it anyway. I didn't know of it's release. Redistribute!

  • Byron Bondi says:

    This movie looks great I think it's going to be an underground hit!

  • BigUgly says:

    Sounds like someone is trying to crash Slater's career ..... why? Is he a "conservative" who supports the Second Amendment and other anti-liberal ideals?

  • adk says:

    let me guess, this film opened in a remote section of alaska because christian slater pissed someone off somehow . . . i too have never heard of this film until today, but rest assured i'm gonna seek it out (remember "kuffs"---i think that was his movie)

  • Bramha R. says:

    The attention being received now is sure to fuel fans' interest in seeing this movie. I have to see it!

  • JAY says:

    you bastards, you show a picture on the yahoo news that we want to see. then when we click on your
    story you don't include the picture that you enttised us with, instead its something stuped like the movie poster.. I want to see the picture that was averttised at the top of the story on the dam yahoo page, is that too much to ask? im sick of you dumb asses who don't know whats reallavent if it bit you on the ass. why dont you hang it up and find work ware your qualified,"the garbage recycle center at the local dump!!! Just give me slaters picture

  • Anita K. Jenson says:

    I did watch his movie and I thought that it was better than most of the movies that I've seen lately.

  • Kathy Sharpe says:

    I have never heard of this movie..Chris Slater is a great actor.Not his fault it wasnt promoted..He needs to hire another manager !!!

  • terema says:

    its great

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