WATCH: 'Django Unchained' Star Christoph Waltz Talks Tarantino And Working With Uggie

"I witnessed the genesis," Christoph Waltz says of this season's hot awards contender, Django Unchained.  "Quentin [Tarantino] let me have twenty-thirty pages as he finished them!"

Looks like Waltz and Tarantino have become true creative partners.  But the actor, whose performance is one of the highlights of Django Unchained, would love to get even more involved. He lamented that he wasn't able to be around for post-production when the film takes shape and "it really becomes interesting," he said.

In a one-on-one interview, I also asked him about foreign actors being stereotyped in Hollywood as villains, and he agreed that — as a good guy in Django Unchained — it always "feels good to break the cliche".  Plus he spills a secret about working with Uggie, Tinseltown's top pooch, on Water for Elephants.

Check out the full interview below:


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