Quentin Tarantino Names His Worst Movie

Quentin Tarantino Worst MovieQuentin Tarantino is one of America's most celebrated living filmmakers and his latest film - currently due out Christmas day - is highly anticipated. But even a critically acclaimed filmmaker can have a dud, even if some fans might disagree. Tarantino himself weighed in on what he considers his least accomplished work.

"Death Proof has got to be the worst movie I ever [made]," Tarantino told THR. "And for a left-handed movie, that wasn't so bad, all right? So if that's the worst I ever get, I'm good. But I do think one of those out-of-touch, old, limp, flaccid-dick movies costs you three good movies as far as your rating is concerned."

Death Proof was part of Grindhouse, a double feature along with Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror. The duo didn't exactly score at the box office either. It took in just over $25 million domestically on a budget that reportedly reached $67 million. Not all turned out dismal though, it did receive a 65 percent on Rotten Tomatoes among critics - not horrendous though certainly not gangbusters.

Tarantino recently hinted to Playboy that his latest film Django Unchained may signal the sunset of his filmmaking career, saying that he wants to "stop at a certain point."

"Directors don’t get better as they get older. Usually the worst films in their filmography are those last four at the end. I am all about my filmography, and one bad film fucks up three good ones … When directors get out-of-date, it’s not pretty."

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  • anonymous says:

    Maybe that's his "political" answer - but I'd like to believe he isn't going for the soft target because Grindhouse tanked in the U.S., resulting in Death Proof and Planet Terror getting separate releases overseas... and still not doing well.

    He's smart enough to play the essential Hollywood games, without selling his soul or kissing ass. By singling out Death Proof, he eats a slice of humble pie for the bean counters, takes a bullet for his friend Robert Rodriguez, and diverts attention away from his other, forgotten anthology, Four Rooms.

    Now there's a truly terrible movie.

    • anonymous says:

      Well, having finally got round to watching the full, un-cut version of the interview, it's evident Tarantino's statement is being reported as a statement of fact, rather than conjecture.

      The story, as told on every news feed, is that Tarantino is stating unequivocally that :

      "Death Proof is by far the worst movie I've ever made! Some of the others I've made may have been a bit patchy, but Death Proof is the worst.

      It's not without its charms though, and I've come to terms with it - but I do worry it could fuck-up my filmography rating, so the next three movies (including Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained) are going to have to be considered 'killer'."

      But that is completely missing what Tarantino is really saying, which is this :

      "If my legacy is my filmography, and people look back at my body of work and feel the need have to rate the movies 'best' to 'worst', I am determined to ensure that Death Proof be the one that is considered weakest.

      As a car chase / action movie, I was stretching myself well out of my comfort zone - and it's still a fucking awesome movie. So if that is to be considered my "weakest" movie - I've set the bar pretty fucking high. My Filmography will remain unblemished.

      I've got a few more movies to make before I retire, and we've all seen great directors go to shit towards the end of their careers - to the point that it only takes one crappy movie to tarnish the next three good ones.

      Well, that's not me. Even if I were to only make one more movie after Django Unchained, the final three movies will be so bad-ass that even if Death Proof were an actual dud (which it isn't) it still could not fuck with my point-average! My legacy is safe."

      So once again hearsay is being misinterpreted, and then reported as something which it isn't.

      Anyway, here's a link to the full, un-cut video :


  • Laslo .H says:

    Well, even though he didn't direct it, 'Destiny Turns on The Radio' is by far *the* worst thing he'll ever have his name attached to.

    (*And yeah, 'Four Rooms' is absolutely terrible too)

  • 2+2=4 says:

    "Directors don’t get better as they get older … When directors get out-of-date, it’s not pretty."

    Pay attention Ridley Scott, Oliver Stone, Clint Eastwood. Stahp,

  • ILDC says:

    To me, Death Proof and the rest of Grindhouse felt more like a filmmaker vacation than an actual movie. It's sometimes really fun to watch, but not really something worth spending $50+ million on. I wouldn't consider it part of your main "canon" with Pulp Fiction and Inglourious Basterds, Quentin, so don't worry.

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  • olimila says:

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