Hugh-larious! Amanda Seyfried Tells Vanity Fair About Hugh Jackman's 'Wildly Inappropriate' Wit

Amanda Seyfried Les Miserables' co-star Hugh Jackman

Amanda Seyfried had fun on the set  of Les Misérables. In a photo feature shoot with Vanity, the actress, who plays adopted daughter Cosette to Hugh Jackman's Valjean, talks about how she and her co-star invented "alternative story lines that transformed their characters' tender relationship into something altogether less innocent," according to the website. 

Seyfried, who shares what the magazine describes as Jackman's "wildly inappropriate sense of humor," , says, "We sexualized everything as much as we could. It was really funny, the moments we could find . . . It’s like every movie has another version, another satirical version of itself.”

Hmm....wildly inappropriate sense of humor, huh? I'd say that makes Jackman a prime suspect in the international headlines-making James Marsden IMDb bio-tampering case that I wrote about on Nov. 14.   The Bachelorette actor told the Hollywood Reporter that "a famous actor friend of mine," whom he would not finger by name, "likes to go into other people's bios and add things," which resulted in IMDb's erroneous assertion that Marsden is a big Barry Manilow fan.

While saying someone's a fan of the "Mandy" man is not exactly wildly appropriate, it sure sounds like the kind of prank that a show-tunes loving actor like Jackman — who co-starred with Marsden in the X-Men films — might play on a pal.

I've asked Marsden's spokeswoman if the actor would like to comment and will update accordingly, but in the meantime, check out these sexy shots of Seyfried, more of which can be found at

Amanda Seyfried Hugh Jackman
Amanda Seyfried Hugh Jackman
Amanda Seyfried Hugh Jackman

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