'World War Z' Trailer: Brad Pitt Will Save Us From The Zombies

World War Z Trailer

Well, maybe Brad Pitt won't save all of us. As you can see in the first full trailer for Marc Forster's big-budget action pic World War Z (via Apple), a few billion Earthlings will kick the bucket (but will probably reanimate, so there's that) when the undead rise against us. Watch the trailer to get a look at Pitt's shaggy-maned family man hero, who must to leave his wife (Mireille Enos) and their kids to go fight the zombie apocalypse for the sake of humanity in next summer's World War Z.

Head to Apple for the trailer debut.

The full trailer has me breathing a sigh of relief after this week's rather underwhelming trailer tease; I can get used to World War Z's superfast undead swarms, pouring through streets and leaping like lemmings off of buildings chasing desperately after Pitt's delicious, delicious body. I mean brain. Or whatever these zombies eat. It must be high in protein to keep this kind of zombie metabolism going.

Despite the departures from the book that will have lit fans up in arms, and the vaguely I Am Legend/War of the Worlds vibe this gives off, World War Z has me excited to see Pitt as an action hero. And how great is it that he's doing a rare action turn while looking like a long-haired crunchy hippie dad?

World War Z hits theaters June 21, 2013. How's it look to you, Movieliners?

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  • Dennis Reynolds says:

    The CG looks really dated. Rolling "Zombie Balls" anyone?

  • Sherry says:

    Ok, so is it Apple trying to force Quicktime to even be able to watch the 'World War Z' Trailer? I mean I haven't used that in years and this is how they try to make it relevant again? Ridiculous! I'll just wait til the movie comes out to watch it. Apple lost me long ago when I found I could justify the expense of using their products and QT in particular because it was always crashing and locking up my computer and trying to take over.