'World War Z' First Look: It's Brad Pitt Vs. CG Zombies

Brad Pitt World War Z

Brad Pitt faces off against zombies in the first peek at World War Z, the anticipated and notoriously troubled book adaptation that has Hollywood aflutter. Are those notorious behind-the-scenes woes evident from these 30 seconds of footage? More importantly: Will Pitt's gloriously shaggy mane keep its luster as he flees from these hordes of CG zombies?

Entertainment Tonight has the first look (they'll debut a full peek on November 8):

Even compensating for the annoying infotainment voice-over and terrible picture quality, this just a little... underwhelming. This is the kind of I Am Legend-esque zombie CG $170 million and counting buys you?

That said, I do love me some Mireille Enos even if my brain isn't ready to accept the idea of her and Pitt as a couple. Does not quite compute. I look at her frantically on the phone with Pitt in this trailer tease and think of Linden frantically on her flip phone with her neglected teenage son, chewing Nicorette, hunting down perps in Seattle while being the worst mother ever. And then I think back to The Killing, which I loved even if it was two seasons of red herrings and Holderisms, because remember Holder? God, I loved him. I'd like to think Holder would survive a zombie apocalypse. Hiding out underneath a hoodie, calling zombies names like "home slice." Yeah. Give me that movie.

World War Z zombie-runs into theaters on June 21, 2013. Let's hope seven months is enough time to make those CG effects look vaguely realistic. Leave your thoughts below.

[Entertainment Tonight]


  • Dara Carroll says:

    I wanted so desperately to be excited for this film. As I wanted to be for I Am Legend. But it looks like another wasted opportunity. I only hope they are messing with us.

  • This movie will disappoint fans of the book, but hopefully it will be an okay movie considered as a separate entity. I blogged about the book departure a bit here:
    World War Z

  • What a shame, heres my two cents on it here, good bye hopes of a faithful telling http://leeshausoftherisingsun.wordpress.com/2012/11/06/is-this-world-war-z/

  • Tabor says:

    I'm not a fan of huge amounts of running zombies and this makes me cringe. I just finished the book and loved it. I hope this movie doesn't mess it up too bad. I read both of your blogs (Hola Backgrinder and lesshausoftherisingsun) and thought they were very interesting. I think you both make good points. Haven't seen 28 Days, guess I better get caught up!

  • D G says:

    Great way to ruin a good book. This is kind of like the crap with Starship Troopers.

    • D.A.R. says:

      I used to hate Starship Troopers, until I went back and watched it as a satire on far-right U.S. militarists (and not inappropriately, since Uncle Rob[ert Heinlein] was only a little less right than Ghengis Khan) and the media culture that brought us Gulf War I and Gulf War II as infotainment spectacles; then I thought it was brilliant in its own right. But the trailer for this zombie film? Blows. The only thing in the whole full trailer that actually looks like something out of Brookes' book is the flotilla of fortunate (?) survivors hugging (but not TOO close) the coasts of north and south America, waiting for a miracle.