James Bond's Sex Life By The Numbers − Busy Yet Conventional

James Bond Sex

With film bloggers and critics going on about how Skyfall is a James Bond movie that depicts 007 as a human being instead of a cartoon character, I want to draw attention to a smart infographic posted by TinyMaster on Visual.ly  that compiles some interesting data about where — and how many times — James Bond has hooked up over the 50 years he's been on the big screen.

TinyMaster is the handle of Emma Price, who has designed what she calls a "Nymphographic" that breaks down the settings of Bond's "implied," as she puts it, sex scenes by movie and, at the end, posts a running tally of each type of encounter.  (She's left a blank for Skyfall which, presumably, she'll be filling in soon since she's UK-based.)

The fun part is that Bond has gotten busy on a space shuttle, a ferris wheel and an iceberg-shaped submarine, but what I found particularly interesting is that, despite Bond's reputation as a sexual adventurer, 37 of the 75 encounters detailed in Price's Nymphographic (see below) took place in a bed, two happened on the floor, two unfolded in cars and one happened on a couch.  That sounds like a typical teenager's sex life — over the course of a handful of months, by the way, not 50 years. Maybe James does need to get his mojo back.

James Bond Sex

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