'Noah' Kidding! Aronofsky's Ark Was In Sandy's Path

Hurricane Sandy Noah

Emma Watson captured the situation succinctly. On Sunday, the actress, who stars opposite Russell Crowe in Darren Aronofsky's post-apocalyptic adaptation of Noah,  tweeted, “I take it that the irony of a massive storm holding up the production of Noah is not lost.”  The Los Angeles Times reported that shooting on the movie, which is currently taking place in the New York metropolitan area, was postponed on Monday due to the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. Even more ironic:  one of the un-seaworthy replicas of the ark that the film's production crew had built was in danger of getting smashed to hell by the storm. 
Hurricane Sandy NoahTwo massive arks have been built for filming.  Presumably the one constructed inside a Brooklyn soundstage is safe, but a second, that, the Times reported, is in Oyster Bay, NY was in the path of Sandy. (Aronofsky tweeted the picture of one of the arks above.)

The Black Swan director's spokeswoman had yet to get back to us on the fate of the Oyster Bay ark at post time — I'll update if an answer is forthcoming — and the filmmaker's Twitter feed gives no clue either.   Aronofsky's last tweet was on Oct. 30 when he sent a picture illustrating the survival tactics of New Yorkers who were left without power because of the storm.  "at chase bank squatting electricity," Aronofsky tweeted, along with a photo of a laptop, possibly his, charging in the lobby of a bank.  On Oct. 29, when Sandy was ravaging New York,  Aronofsky also tweeted: "just lost my chimney, really".

I don't have a chimney, Darren, but now that I'm on my second day of living in NYC without any power, I feel your pain.

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