WATCH: 'John Dies At The End' Trailer Features 'Prometheus'-esque Black Goo Called 'Soy Sauce'

John Dies at the End Trailer

Don Coscarelli and Ridley Scott don't have a helluva lot in common as filmmakers, but watching the new trailer for the former director's long-gestating movie John Dies at the End put me in mind of Scott's Prometheus. Coscarelli's film, which is based on a David Wong novel, has to do with a drug called "Soy Sauce" that gives its users access to another dimension. 

Check out the trailer at the 55-second mark where a drop of the soy sauce hangs from the needle of the syringe. Now tell me that its spiky black appearance doesn't remind you of the scene in Prometheus where Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) — the morning after having unwittingly been fed some of that creepy black goo from the Engineers'ship by the android David — looks in the mirror and sees some scary weird tendrils projecting from his eyeball.

As you might expect from the director of Phantasm and Bubba Ho-Tep, the trailer also has jumping Tarantulas, pills that turn into fly-like creatures and a monster that consists of various cuts of raw meat.

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