WATCH: 'Evil Dead' Remake Teaser Trailer Offers Glimpse Of Guts To Come − And Bruce Campbell!

'Evil Dead' remake teaser trailer

The Evil Dead Red Band trailer doesn't hit the web until tomorrow — look for it here — but in the meantime, here's a little taste of the horror to come. This 36-second amuse bouche doesn't give up much until the final moments, especially if you've seen the 'leaked' trailer that had audiences at NY Comic-Con screaming. But it does feature the eternally amusing Bruce Campbell telling that same audience: "We know what you need. You need horror with blood flowing down the street. We know you need it.''  As Campbell — who's a producer of the remake — told me in an interview at Comic-Con, Uruguayan director Fede Alvarez, who also appears in this clip along with actress Jane Levy, has remade Sam Raimi's horror-comedy classis as a "dead serious" fright film with a bigger budget and better special effects, but, alas, no cameo by Campbell.  I guess that's what he means when he tells the Comic-Con crowd: "Where's your art film now, baby?"

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