The Best Of The Mitt Romney 'Binders Full Of Women' Movie Meme

Mitt Romney Binders

Republican candidate Mitt Romney caused an uproar during last night's Presidential debate with his vivid and hilariously ignorant "binders full of women" comment. But he didn't just alienate women and men and anyone appalled by his antiquated language and attitude toward gender equality in the work place — he launched the hottest meme since Big Bird.

So hot is Mitt — albeit not in the way he'd hoped prior to yesterday — he spawned the @Romneys_Binder Twitter account (14K followers and counting in half a day), the Tumblr Binders Full Of Women, and countless Tweets, Tumbls, and Photoshopped nuggets of hilarity. Let's all have a laugh at Mittens' silly notions about ladykind with a look at the best movie-related entries from the last 18 hours.


Say Anything... except what Romney said last night. This one works on so many levels.

Binders Full Of Women Walter Sobchak
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Funny or Die Binders

Mitt's meme meets the best meme.
Gosling Binders Women


And my favorite:
Binders Full Of Women Swayze Baby


If Swayze says it, so must it be.

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  • Tommy Teeze says:

    A very informative article and the pics are funny.

    I applaud the creativity and focus on an issue that Willard has inspired in thousands of Americans. A few people will even make money related to Willard's clueless and dismissive attitudes related to women and the decimation of the middle class.

    Does this statement of having binders for his women have something to do with Mormon doctrine or has Willard carried this idea with him his entire life? Maybe a little of both. Why would Ann Romney put up with this man? What does this binder say about Ann, her lack of influence or her indifference?

    Every time Willard puts his foot in his mouth, he will be rewarded with derision. It will sting even worse after his defeat next month. (The odds makers say Obama still has a firm lock on the election.)

    Willard is the perfect poster boy for a public lesson on the difference between a Person, a Corporation, and a Binder. It's getting rather kinky, a threesome.

    At the next debate someone in the audience or via twitter should ask Willard to show us his magic Mormon undergarments. Any volunteers, make an appointment with Axelrod to get a ticket for next week's debate and secret password to their I Haven't Done Anything Wrong, And I'll Never Do It Again Dirty Tricks website moderated by "boxers or briefs" alumnus Bill Clinton.

    Connecting this with a few other incidents, such as his leading the bullying and physical abuse of a gay classmate at his exclusive Bloomfield Hills MI private school, and his offer to make a $10,000 friendly bet at this previous GOP debate, along with avoiding release of his tax returns, when you add it all up, you see a Weird Romney.

    Oh, did I say Weird? I meant Willard.

  • DWG says:

    "Does this statement of having binders for his women have something to do with Mormon doctrine"...

    Romney's great great grandfather (Parley P. Pratt - Google it!) had TWELVE wives - draw your own conclusions!

  • hoodon Eet says:

    clinton with his youthful aides escapades, Congressmen making offers in men's stalls, Hah! when has a verbal faux pas brought more excitement than true debauchery???