WATCH: Denzel Washington Lets His Wife Take The Controls on Flight Red Carpet

That's right, Denzel Washington is such a gentleman he gave his actress wife Pauletta the spotlight on the red carpet for Flight, which closed out the 50th Annual New York Film Festival. Getting an answer from the celebrity couple was more difficult than getting an on-time flight out of Newark Liberty International Airport,  thanks to a scheduling snafu that got Washington and his wife onto the red carpet late. This led what's known in the business as a soundbite stampede from the media who'd gathered at Lincoln Center in Manhattan.

Check out the video below as Robert Zemeckis, John Goodman, screenwriter John Gatins and other guests shed some (F)light on one of the more mysterious films of the year.

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  • Taylor says:

    I really don’t think she has a roommate or she would of tweeted something about that. I think she lives on her own she did say back then when she was living with her mom that she was going to get her own house. But if he did buy her another puppy, awww! That’s so cute plus the possibility of him taking her to see Iris for her birthday double awww! It is good for them to try and act like a normal couple and do normal couple-ly things.

  • Sarah says:

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