WATCH: Wallace Shawn's Toy Story Dino Gets Down And Soapy In Partysaurus Rex

Pixar Partysaurus Rex

I guess it's not surprising that a movie franchise that relies on Randy Newman for its theme music would discover rave culture a couple of decades late. Then again, this Pixar Toy Story short is about a dinosaur.  Partysaurus Rex  finds the Wallace Shawn-voiced dinosaur Rex discovering a whole new group of wet and wild hipster friends when, after being deemed "Party-Pooper Rex" by the old gang, he's spirited off for some tub play by Andy.  

If you didn't catch this Mark A. Walsh-directed short when it ran at cineplex screenings of Finding Nemo 3D, you can watch it in its entirety here.  Who said it ain't easy being green?

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