Dead Guys & Crash Zooms Galore: 'Django Unchained' Second Trailer By The Numbers

Django Unchained Trailer

Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained had me at hello — or at "Dj-" if you will (the "d" is silent) — so at this point trailers and clips are just icing on the spaghetti "Southern." If I'm speaking a foreign language to you, forgive my excitement for Tarantino's latest neo-exploitation bonanza and just dive right into Movieline's rundown of the gunshots, dead baddies, and gleefully inside-baseball genre winks in the second trailer for Django Unchained.

Dead guys: 3, plus 2 or more offscreen
Faintings: 2
Beers: 2
Crash zooms: 2
Glimpses of Sam Jackson in his Benjamin Button makeup: 5
Glee-filled Christoph Waltz quips: 4
Gunshots: 13
Jonah Hills: 1
Explosions: 2
Inside nods to the original Django: 2
Times I'll be listening to the Franco Nero Django theme for the rest of the week: 100

Watch it on YouTube.

Django Unchained hits theaters on Christmas. Perfect holiday viewing!

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