WATCH: Ang Lee Says 3-D Is The Future Of Movies As Life of Pi Opens The New York Film Festival

Friday night saw the opening gala for the fantasy adaptation Life of Pi at the 50th Annual New York Film Festival, and oh boy the times they are a'changing!  Who'd have ever guessed that a 3-D flick would open a prestigious film festival?

Well, apparently if it's from Ang Lee all bets are off.  The director got major kudos from his peers for embracing 3D, with Fox head honcho Tom Rothman saying Lee has even topped Scorsese's use of the medium in Hugo!

Check out my video interview below not just to hear Lee defend 3-D, but for an awesome Movieline shout out from Frank Oz himself.

Plus: Tom Rothman has a warning for all other films on behalf of his upcoming Steven Spielberg sci-fi actioner, Robopocalypse, which I'm pretty sure will be in 3-D...

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  • SallyinChicago says:

    Totally disagree because 3D is too harsh on the eyes. Who wants to sit and watch a movie with glasses on all the time?

    • SallyinChicago says:

      3D is a gimmicky way to make movies and probably the last Hail Mary for the movie industry to get more money out of audiences. It's known that the movie revenue is up only because the price of movie tickets cost more -- due to 3D movies. But the audience is down.