Fifty Shades of Grey Author Hints At Cameo; Stays Silent On Leads

Her novels have sold 40 million copies worldwide and the pending film version of the trilogy's first installment has fans guessing worldwide who will play the male lead with nearly every hot young actor in Hollywood a possible contender. So what is a wildly successful author to do as an encore? Well, be in the movie of course! British author E.L. James, the mind behind the ever-so-hot Fifty Shades of Grey series said on the Katie Couric daytime talk show that she is eyeing a possible cameo in the big-screen adaptation of the novel, revealing that one of the smaller characters in the book is actually based on herself.

Speculation persisted all summer who would play the irresistible young business magnate Christian Grey and the guessing game flared up again recently between the possibilities of Alexander Skarsgård vs. Ryan Gosling at the recent Toronto International Film Festival.

James remained silent on who she expects to take on the lead roles, though she has several in mind, but that was the extent of her reveal: "I have three people who could play Christian and I think four who could play Ana, and I'm not going to tell you any of them," she is quoted saying on the show via The Guardian.

She did, however, say that she appears in the book and may pursue being cast in the minor role as a cameo.

"I've actually written myself into the book. I play a very tiny cameo role and I might try and do that if I'm asked to ... we'll see," she said, adding, "It'd be interesting to know if people can find me in the books."

Set mostly in Seattle, Fifty Shades of Grey revolves around a virgin college senior who is swept up by a the dashing Christian Grey into an erotic frenzy. No telling how palatable the book's sexual scenes involving bondage and sadism/masochism will be for producers. Universal optioned the novel for $5 million in March and it will be overseen by the producers of The Social Network, Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti.

[Source: BBC]