'Do You Know How To Shoot?....Then Drive!' Liam Neeson Gives Daughter Tough Love In New Taken 2 Trailer

Taken 2 Trailer

If you don't have a whiny, teenaged kid, then watch this latest trailer for Taken 2. Although Maggie Grace, as Kim, is ostensibly playing a woman in her 20s, she's behaving just like a 15-year-old!  Even under life or death circumstances, adolescents can behave as if they are stuck in their own little personal pool of molasses, and it's up to Dad — or Mom — to gnash some teeth, raise the voice and light a fire under the kid's reluctant ass.Enter Liam Neeson, as as retired no-nonsense CIA operative Bryan Mills. The man knows how to wield the tough love while brandishing a gun, and after a fog-burning "C'mon! Kim! Move!" his little girl is maneuvering that Mercedes Benz taxi around Istanbul, or wherever the hell they are,  like she's Ryan Gosling in Drive. Now that's good parenting!

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